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Testing BionX Battery for Voltage

Try Diagnostic Mode first

If you can turn on your BionX, the easiest and safest way to check voltage is via "Diagnostic Mode." Follow our BionX Diagnostic Mode instructions to do this.

If you can't turn on your BionX, "Diagnostic Mode" is not available. Follow the instructions below relevant to your battery type.

24V and 36V Batteries (for PL250 or PL350 kits) - 48V see below

24V and 36V lithium batteries can be tested directly through their charger ports using an inexpensive multimeter set to Direct Current DC.

Follow the image guide below to determine which pins on the battery to connect to your multimeter. Note: you do this at your own risk. Neither NYCeWheels or BionX is responsible for damage to your battery in the use of this document. DO NOT FOLLOW THESE STEPS FOR A 48V BATTERY!

BionX Charger Port Voltage Test

48V Batteries (for PL350XL or SL350)

For 48V batteries, do not use a multimeter because there is a 100% chance you will damage your battery! Instead, you must use the "touch port" which is the colored ring encompassing the charger port. it will not give you an exact voltage read out but at least it lets you know if your battery is full, empty, or dead.

If your touch port lights up, use the below guide to determine battery charge level.

If your touch port doesn't light up, your battery voltage is either very low or zero. Or, the fuse may have blown. Regarsdless, remember that OPENING A 48V FOR ANY REASON BATTERY WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY. Contact your dealer for further assistance.

BionX Charger Port Voltage Test