How's a BionX Bike Kit On Hills?

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How's a BionX Bike Kit On Hills?

BionX bike kits are the best when it comes to features and user interface. They have both pedal assistance and a throttle and four modes of pedal assistance. But what about the hill climbing power of the BionX bike kit?

It's not too hard to understand why someone would be curious about this. Many people are using an electric bike because it can help them get around with out becoming exhausted. Electric bikes and electric bike kits like the BionX bike kit have been used since their inception to ease long commutes and increase the daily exercise of people who would not normally bike at all, let alone to bike work.

Can the BionX bike kit power up hills?

So how about it? Is the hill climbing power of a BionX kit enough for say, San Francisco? Or how about a commute that is pretty long and involves a steep bridge? Well there are a few points to consider.

The 350 watt BionX bike kit is our most powerful system. With this electric bike conversion kit you can use the pedal assistance modes to get a boost of up to 300% of what you're leg power is already doing. That means it can make you 4x stronger than you are, a great feeling. And that's not all, you have to consider the two sides of BionX bike kits together: pedal assistance and throttle.

BionX bike kits are not meant to be just throttled away without pedaling. They are designed to assist the rider rather than taking over. However, you can use the throttle after getting up to about 2 miles per hour to get the full power of the BionX bike kit behind you. That means if you get tired you can just push down the throttle and the bike will carry you down the road for as long as you need to catch your breath.

What kind of terrain can a BionX bike kit handle?

The hills of San Francisco are no joke for cyclists, and this is one of the locations where BionX bike kits have been getting more and more popular. With a Bionx bike kit on you bicycle you can ride as long as you wish without having to worry about getting exhausted. It is a great way to replace a car in urban life. The BionX PL350 is the best kit to do the job as it has the most torque and power with plenty of speed.

So the next time you think twice about commuting by bicycle think about the BionX bike kit. This wonderful electric bike kit is the best way to electrify your bicycle and turn it into an all purpose leisure, commuting, errand running, grocery shopping machine.