Is BionX the best electric bike kit?

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Is BionX the best electric bike kit?

The BionX bike kit is said to be the best electric bike kit. We strongly share that opinion and would like to highlight on what we think its based on.

The BionX bike kit is a smile machine

Although electric bikes in general cause this effect, the BionX is the master of smile machines. Our shop on York avenue in NYC provides test rides to customers (weather permitting) Any customer that returns from a test ride with our Dahon Matrix with the BionX bike kit installed sports that big, across the face smile. Is almost that you can tell they just took a BionX bike kit for a ride.

The BionX kit knows what you want

The BionX bike kit uses a proportional torque sensor, in simple terms, it measures how hard you pedal and decides how much help to give you. The BionX system does this automatically, measuring your effort about 100 times per second to makes this experience totally smooth and unobtrusive. This automatic assist feature makes you feel like you're riding the bike, but quickly lets you forget what a drag steep hills, headwinds and stop-and-go riding can be.

The BionX is one of the lightest electric bike kits

Lithium batteries have become the standard, and BionX uses the finest Lithium batteries on the market, made by Sony. We all know Sony only makes the finest products that outlast the competition. Weight on a bicycle is crucial for its performance and handling. A lightweight bike can go faster and further per charge and requires less effort from the rider. The BionX bike kit does not interfere with the handling of your bike too much, the center-mount universal battery case is low to the ground, not affecting the balance of your bicycle.

The BionX bike kit is superior quality

BionX is based in Canada where everything is assembled and tested. Components come from India, Germany, Japan and even China but final testing and assembly of all systems is still done by hand in Toronto. Canadian-made products require the manufacturer to provide a 2 year warranty, good news for BionX bike kit owners, even the best bike kits break once in a while. BionX bike kit is the only electric bike kit manufacturer to provide a 2 year warranty, most competitors give you 30 days to 1 year maximum. We know the BionX bike kit costs much more money but do believe they are worth every penny.

The BionX parts are so much more superior to the competitors, that other bicycle manufacturers like Trek bicycles and OHM Bicycles are beginning to use BionX kits on their own bicycles.

BionX bike kits are easy to install.

BionX has spend millions of dollars designing and real-life testing this product. The BionX bike kit is very easy to install by customers or bike shop mechanics without electrical experience. All connections are made with high quality military-grade connectors that just click together - no banana plugs or crimping required as found on most other electric bike kits. The Battery-pack of this electric bicycle motor kit can either be installed right on your water bottle-cage bolts or you can install it using the new rear rack option. The new rear rack option is even easier to install and is great for bicycles with step trough frames or bikes that have a small frame which will not allow the universal battery to fit.

Come in our shop for a test-ride, read reviews online, read our many articles and get yourself the BionX bike kit, the best money can buy.