BionX Bike: The perfect electric bike

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BionX Bike: The perfect electric bike

What do you get when you combine a regular bike with a high powered electric bike kit? Well, if you used a BionX kit you'd get a fast, easy to use, and versatile BionX electric bike! With advancements in battery and electric motor technology making everything lighter and more powerful, BionX bikes are becoming a very popular option for people looking into electric bikes. It is not a shock, really. Just a result of the 3 advantages of BionX electric bikes.

Any bike can easily be made into a BionX bike. That means your BionX bike can have any style of frame, and any dimensions you want. Let's investigate three cases where a BionX bike would be better than a regular electric bike.

3 Cases of great BionX bikes

  1. Making a high performance road bike a BionX bike: Road bikers might seem unlikely candidates for a BionX bike. Clad in their Lycra-spandex armor and whizzing down the road in a Tour de France fantasy land, they give off a pretty superior air. Surely they would think it wrong to ride a bike with a motor? Well, not really... Actually, if you think about it: what do road bikers value most? Speed! They love to go fast, and they love to go far. So in reality, there is nothing better for them than a BionX bike! Imagine someone who can already pedal along at 12-20mph adding a BionX kit to their already formidable road bike. I'm getting excited just thinking about it!
  2. Making a mountain bike a BionX bike: Mountain bikers love to go fast, and they love to climb hills. They often have bikes that are specially designed for rough terrain with large front and rear shocks. The electric bike market can't possibly keep up with a specialty market like mountain biking, so the best electric mountain bike are BionX bikes. With a BionX kit you can adapt a super light, high-performance mountain bike by installing a powerful and reliable electric motor. Pretty soon you'd be flying up the trails, no hill too steep, no trail too long!
  3. Making a recumbent bike a BionX bike: Recumbent riders always have it hard. They can never find replacement parts, they can never find rear racks that fit, they can barely fit their bikes into their cars! But they stick with it because recumbent bikes are so much fun to ride. So when it's time to get a recumbent electric bike they turn to the BionX kit. As one of the most adaptable electric bike kits, it can fit into the odd spaces and long distances that are typical of recumbent bikes.

BionX bikes are super-charged regular bikes

A BionX bike is powerful, reliable, and most of all FUN. There is nothing like installing a BionX kit on your bicycle and feeling the difference. If you love your bike and you want to go electric, your best option is to convert it to a BionX kit. Find the BionX kit right for you, and turn your regular bike into a powerful BionX bike.