Bionx D-Series - New Bionx Motor Kits!

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Bionx D-Series - New Bionx Motor Kits!

Meet the BionX D-Series. They're larger and more powerful than their non-D-Series counterparts, but they're actually lighter and climb a lot better. This can be attributed to the motor's increased tangential speed, meaning the force applied is further away from the hub, giving the leverage the motor needs to power you away from traffic lights and up hills with less electricity needed than before. The result is a lighter and more powerful system, that's also more efficient than its predecessors.

Who would want the D-Series?

The BionX D-Series is perfect for anyone looking to step up their game, both on the road and off. Looking to break in to the hardcore mountainbike scene, these motor kits are great for commuters. Both on and off the pavement, you'll be able to expand your riding horizons and slowly strip away your excuses for not enjoying some fresh air every day.

What sets the BionX D-Series ahead of the competition?

Folks often ask us why we carry BionX, rather than the other kits out there. It's easy: we only like to carry items that we are able to provide our outstanding customer support to and we found BionX to be the best electric motor kit around. And that's saying a lot.

    The Benefits of BionX over the other systems:
  • Powerful, lightweight motors that allow your rear wheel to flex like normal.
  • Intuitive console with a remote to control your assist and provide manual "throttle.".
  • Keep your existing bike!
  • World-class support both in New York and out from our experienced staff, as well as BionX..

So, what are you waiting for?

We're pretty sure these motor kits will revolutionize the electric bike world. You are not only able to keep riding your beloved bike, you can maintain the handling and ride you experienced before! We can install your kit for you, or you can install it yourself in an afternoon. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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