BionX Diagnostic At-Home Battery Recovery

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BionX Diagnostic At-Home Battery Recovery

Your BionX battery having trouble taking a charge? Has your bike been in storage for an extended period of time? Sometimes BionX bikes get put into storage or forgotten about for a few months and the batteries lose the ability to charge. In some cases, the batteries can be revived. It's not guaranteed to work, but it beats the cost of a brand new battery!

Warning: Do not attempt to ride the bicycle to revive a deeply discharged battery. Never attempt this procedure on a 48V battery.

Recovering an unresponsive or low voltage BionX battery

Rather than return your battery to your BionX dealer you may be able to recover your battery at home. If it works it will save you a whole lot of time/money.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Get the rear wheel of bike off ground. Some easy at home ways are by string the bike up to a rafter, hanging the front of the seat off a fence post/tree branch/banister.
  2. Connect everything together and plug the charger into battery with system off.
  3. Keep system off and slowly spin the pedals forward. Do this for about 10-15 minutes (I know, takes a long time but can save you serious shipping costs).
  4. After a while of pedaling slowly, turn on the charger and see if it stays in yellow, we are basically trying to support the voltage of your battery and bring it up to a lever where the charger can read it (above 17 volts).
  5. If the charger still seems to have no effect, repeat the pedaling and checking for as long as you can stand it. With a bit of luck it will begin to charge and you can avoid shipping your battery back to your dealer for repair!

If you cannot get your battery to take a charge, contact your dealer for further assistance.