Assist works but gives pulsing sensation

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Assist works but gives pulsing sensation

Before you start with the tests detailed below, make sure you are pedaling at a "cadence" of at least 80rpm. That means that when you are pedaling your right foot completes 80 revolutions in one minute. If you pedal any slower the BionX is most likely pulsing because the input from your pedaling is pulsing. Try to pedal smoothly at a rate of about 80 rpm. That's equivalent to about 15 strokes of the right hand pedal in 20 seconds, in case you want to time yourself.

Console parameter adjustment

First we are going to change a parameter designed to smooth out any "noise" in the torque sensor signal that might cause an inaccurate reading. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Follow our BionX console code access instructions and enter code 0009.
  2. Make a note what this value is before changing anything
  3. Whatever the value is, add 5 to that value by pressing the plus button and make a note of this new value
  4. Press the power button to confirm the selection
  5. Test the bike to see if the pulsing has diminished.
    • If the pulsing is lessened but remains, repeat the first steps and increase the value a bit more and retest.
    • If the pulsing is worse, repeat the first 3 steps but subtract some value from 0009 rather than adding.
    • If the pulsing disappears, good!
  6. Assuming changing this setting has any effect on the performance of the system, continue tweaking parameter 0009 until you find the best setting for the smoothest ride.