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3 Advantages of a BionX Electric Bike

In the world of electric bicycles the BionX name has always stood for quality products, excellent manufacturing, and great features. Once you've ridden a BionX electric bike you instantly see why. Many people investigating electric bikes have never had that opportunity though they may have heard of or even researched BionX electric bikes a bit.

This article aims to let you in on the secret to why the BionX electric bike has become one of the most popular electric bicycle motor kits on the market. It all boils down to the 3 advantages of a BionX electric bike. Let's take a look.

BionX electric bike advantage 1

Perhaps the largest driving force behind the popularity of the BionX bike has been the extra functionality it affords its rider. This allows the rider two modes of operation, pedal assistance and direct throttle power. In the first case a sensor detects how hard you pedal and activates the motor in direct proportion as an assistance. In the second case the motor power is controlled directly by the rider via a thumb throttle.

Many people who ride electric bicycles prefer the assistance type electric bicycle but are comforted by the fact that they always have power on demand when they need it. This is the primary advantage of the BionX electric bike.

BionX electric bicycle advantage 2

Despite is extra functionality and advanced control system the BionX electric bike has a very clear and intuitive interface. In other words, this is one of the easiest electric bicycles to operate. You simply select the level of assistance which you would like and then pedal as if you were riding a normal bicycle. It couldn't be simpler than that.

Simple and easy operation is the second primary advantage of the BionX electric bicycle.

BionX electric bike advantage 3

All of this would be nothing if the BionX electric bike didn't have one of the most maintenance free systems on the market. The fact is, with a BionX electric bicycle motor you can expect years of use without issue. Long time riders appreciate the fact that a BionX electric bike has one of the best track records of any electric bicycle motor kit on the market.

This maintenance free setup is the third primary advantage of the BionX electric bike.

I hope you've learned a little bit about the BionX electric bike and what makes it such a popular electric bicycle motor kit. For detailed specifications on all BionX electric bikes and electric bicycle motor kits you should visit our BionX electric kit section.