BionX electric bike motor kit

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BionX electric bike motor kit

It's hard to beat BionX electric bikes for range, reliability and versatility, and NYCeWheels offers an assortment of BionX electric bike motors and electric bicycles so you can enjoy the benefits of the BionX system. Whether you're looking for BionX bike motor kits or original BionX replacement parts, we have what you're looking for at a competitive price with fast shipping right to you.

NYCeWheels offers the BionX electric motor kit with numerous options for motor power, battery capacity, mounting style and more so you can customize your electric motor system exactly to your wishes and needs.

If you're looking for BionX bicycle parts, NYCeWheels stocks many original BionX replacement parts, including motors, batteries, consoles and more. We carry everything from minor parts such as BionX axle bolts and spacer rounds to major parts including rear racks and down tubes. All of these are available with fast shipping directly to your door.

Based out of Canada, BionX has been the top manufacturer of electric bike motor kits for the past few years. Well-known bicycle companies like OHM Cycles and Trek have even started using BionX for their own bikes. A knowledgeable service staff has helped us immensely over the years to learn the system inside and out. Our mechanic Izzy even rides a Dahon Matrix with a BionX PL350 kit from NYCeWheels to the Bronx every single day, a commute that requires a reliable system that is both secure and bulletproof.

BionX is also the manufacturer of one of the newest electric bikes in our shop. The BionX Styriette is a throwback to the original Austrian design from 1931, but uses a modern BionX electric bike kit.