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BionX electric bike kit|electric powered bicycle motor

The BionX electric bike kit will transform your bicycle into a smart electric bike. Easy to install, most people are up and running after a quick and straight forward assembly. BionX has led the electric bike motor kit industry for years by offering the cleanest looking, best engineered electric bike kit, using only top notch manufacturing.

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What does it feel like to ride a BionX?

Our customers often describe their experience in similar ways:

"It's like always riding down hill!"
"It's like riding with a tail wind!"
"It's like I've suddenly gotten super powers!"

The excitement of riding your BionX kit for the first time - feeling the wind in your face as you cruise easily with motor assistance - is something you'll never forget. Our customers often call in to express their excitement at having just completed a ride they never thought was possible. Do you have a similar ride you want to take but wouldn't consider without electric power? A BionX electric bike kit can take you there.