BionX Electric Bike Conversion: The Folding Bike

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BionX Electric Bike Conversion: The Folding Bike

Choosing the right bike for a BionX electric bike conversion could be tough. We've seen everything from BionX recumbents to BionX trikes to BionX road bikes. We've converted almost any bike you can think of, with a few special exceptions. So what gives one bike an advantage over another when it's equipped with the BionX motor kit?

In New York City, the folding bicycle is the ride of choice. With a small folded package, this compact bike can fit into most Manhattan apartments, as well as offices, subways, and storage compartments on trains. Add on the BionX bike kit, and you've got a bike that not only fits into a closet easily, but it can help to power you along on your commute. It's the best of both worlds!

At NYCeWheels, we have a few custom BionX folding bikes that work well for the city commuter. Whether you want the most compact folder, or the most heavy-duty folding bike, we can put a electric bike conversion kit on almost anything.

Dahon MuP8 with BionX Motor Kit

A 20" folding bike is nice because of its portability. We picked the Dahon MuP8 because of its lightweight folding frame, adjustable riding position, and 8 gears. It's a bike that, even without an electric motor, will handle practically any riding condition.

When we add the BionX conversion kit to the MuP8, it becomes the lightest electric bike conversion in our store. At 45 lbs, this package folds down to the size of a small suitcase, and is much more manageable than a full-size electric bike. When motor power is applied to the smaller wheels, this bike can be pedaled with no effort. It's the ultimate portable commuter.

Xootr Swift with BionX Motor Kit

Any loyal New York biker can tell you about the Xootr Swift folding bike. Designed in Brooklyn, this 20" folder is a bit sportier than its Dahon counterpart, the MuP8. It also has 8 speeds, and with the BionX motor kit, this bike is an effortless ride.

Though the Swift lacks the typical water bottle mount used to attach the BionX battery to Dahon bikes, we've developed custom BionX brackets that could be used to place the battery almost anywhere! We've attached it to the frame, the seat post, and the handlebar stem on this bike. With one simple step in the folding process, the Xootr Swift is a convenient alternative to the full-size electric bike.

Dahon Matrix with BionX Motor Kit

Can't stand the feel of small wheels? Do you wish there was a mountain bike that folded easily? Here's the answer. The Dahon Matrix folding bike is a 24-speed mountain bike with full suspension, disc brakes, and a solid frame held together by steel bolts. It doesn't fold as small as a 20" bike, but it has the same ride as a full-size mountain bike.

Put the BionX motor kit on this bike and you've got one monster of a commuter bike. The suspension means potholes and bumps no longer matter. The pedal-assist moves this bike with ease, and the disc brakes make stopping on a dime even easier. When it's folded, the Matrix can fit into the trunk of a car, a small compartment on a boat, or a suitcase for airline travel.

In addition to these bikes, we've been able to convert other folding bikes of different shapes and sizes. If you have a folding bike, and are wondering if the BionX electric conversion kit will work, just contact us and we can tell you for sure.

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