BionX Go-One electric Velo conversion

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BionX Go-One electric Velo conversion

To the left is a photo I like from the Go-One's public debut here in Portland, OR. It was quite the attention-getter.
I wasn't using the BionX electric system for this, since I just received it. 18 miles with the kid, the Burley trailer and the Go-One through the hills of Portland was quite a challenge. We made it though. Really made me appreciate the value of the assist! the way, Bert, I have to disagree with your initial assessment of the suitability of the BionX PL-350 for my application. I live in Portland, OR, which is well known for its hills. Two weekends ago, I was taking my 9-month-old son (picture below) into downtown Portland. He was in his car seat in his Burley bike trailer, attached to my BionX-powered Go-One. I found myself going up a 5% incline hill in downtown Portland. I didn't want to block traffic, so I hit the throttle on the Go-One and put the hammer down on the pedals.

It was like I had been shot out of a rocket! I cleared the high-traffic zone without slowing any drivers down, while pulling over 45 kilos behind my 40-kilo Go-One, powered by my 84-kilo 45-year-old self! I never even hit my max heart rate (something I did regularly when pulling the boy behind my road bike). That would not have been possible without the BionX. An acquaintance of mine, who happens to be a bike racer, saw me from two blocks away and tried to catch me, coming up the same hill. I was able to pull away from him on the Go-One, thanks to the BionX's capabilities.

Based on this experience, I think you can tell potential BionX customers that it can handle even substantial hills with aplomb!

Portland, Oregon

Thanks for all your help. The BionX is great
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Custom BionX electric motor kit for the Go-One for bicycles.