BionX IGH3 Motor For 3 Speed Bikes

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BionX IGH3 Motor For 3 Speed Bikes

BionX is yet again leading the world in electric bike kit technology. For years people with internally geared bicycles and SRAM speed drive systems have been unable to take advantage of the great electric bike kit offered by BionX, but no more! BionX has combined their motor with a SRAM 3 speed internal hub. The system is available in the US on the Styriette electric bike and on it's own as a kit in Europe. So what exactly is this 3 speed BionX kit all about?

What is the BionX IGH3?

BionX IGH3 stands for BionX Internally Geared Hub and is essentially a SRAM 3 speed hub integrated directly into the heart of a standard BionX hub motor. The system was developed as part of BionX's new PedeleCity project which targets electric bike kits for use with city commuters, large scale bicycle rental programs, and municipal programs.

The BionX IGH3 motor greatly expands the variety of bicycles upon which a BionX kit can be installed. This selection was previously limited to bicycles with standard derailleur type gears and excluded 3 speed and single speed bicycles. It also forced cyclists with a combination of derailleur and 3 speed hub gears, such as SRAM speed drive 27 gear systems, to lose 2/3rds of their gearing options. Obviously this was quite a turn off for potential BionX owners who wanted to keep their extensive gearing.

BionX IGH3 not yet available in Europe (Dec 2010)

So in response to the demand for a sophisticated rear hub motor electric bike kit BionX has released their 3 speed BionX bike motor. Though the kit is not yet available in the US (as of Dec 2010) it is sure to make its way access the Atlantic to all of the eagerly awaiting 3 speed owners here.

Check back for more information on the BionX IGH3 hub motor as things continue to develop. For now you can read about the BionX powered Styriette electric bike and check back for updates.