Discovering the BionX Kit

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Discovering the BionX Kit

What is a BionX kit? What does it do? What makes the BionX kit different from other electric conversion kits?

These questions are usually some of the first I hear when people come into our shop. Often people have done a bit of research on BionX kits and are looking for a bit more detailed information. How they came across the electric conversion kits usually varies between trying out a friend's BionX kit or seeing a BionX bike out on the bike path. But whatever the way they came about discovering the BionX kit, they are hooked, and quite curious.

BionX kits are that impossible best of everything option

So, I try to give them the best detailed information I can. There's a lot to a BionX kit when it comes right down to it. They aren't as straight forward as other electric conversion kits with lead acid batteries and a simple throttle set up. No, the BionX kit is another animal entirely. This electric motor kit is more sophisticated, more sensitive, more powerful, and more intelligent. In fact you could easily make the claim that a BionX kit is the best electric conversion kit on the market. But what exactly sets this BionX kit apart from the others?

The BionX kit is very much the same in principal. Most electric conversion kits are designed to keep the original bicycle functions in place while adding an additional motor assist. It is how a BionX accomplishes this that makes it different.

How does a BionX kit differ from other electric conversion kits?

BionX kits have a carefully designed system of sensors and microchips which all work together with astounding effect. A torque sensor on the rear axle detects the most minute pressure applied by your feet and instantly the BionX kit springs to life. By calculating your pedaling force through 4 modes of pedal assistance controlled on the dash panel, the BionX kit smoothly assists you as you accelerate, almost as if you had some hidden well of strenght you'd suddenly gained access to. This sensitive torque sensor is a key difference between the BionX kit and other electric conversion kits. It's what makes a BionX bike a hybrid electric bicycle.

What else? Surely that's not all? Well, no in fact it's not! We can't forget about the battery quality of a BionX kit. Unlike other electric conversion kits - especially the cheap ones - the BionX kit uses a SONY Lithium-ion battery. These batteries are some of the finest quality in the world, a fact reflected by the cost of a new one (nearly $1300). For that price you know the BionX kit has a battery you can rely on for years. As it happens, we actually have a few customers who've been running the same battery in the BionX kit for 5 years! That is some testament to the quality of these batteries.

This BionX kit has one high quality battery.

It's sounding like the BionX bike is the perfect electric bike already. And if that wasn't enough, let's discuss the interface of a BionX kit. These kits aren't the simple twist and go throttle/battery/motor combos you see selling for a few hundred dollars on ebay. They are the real deal: fully customizable pedal assist with optional throttle. What does that mean? It means that a BionX kit can be set to four levels of assistance based on your pedaling effort AND four levels of generation too. That means you can smoothly increase or decrease the power you're getting from your BionX kit and tailor it to your needs. The generation modes allow you to recharge the battery by turning the bike into sort of outdoor exercise bike. This is a great way to extend your range when going down hill.

One last thing, something which most people assume comes standard with any electric conversion kit but is in fact a feature that few systems provide. BionX kits have an excellent regenerative braking capability which not only improves safety and performance of the bicycle but also can be used to extend the range of your BionX kit by up to 10 miles. How? A sensor in the brake lever detects engagement of the rear brake and turns the motor into a generator and automatically recharges the battery. Of course, you can't recharge your BionX kit entirely via the regenerative braking, but it does extend your range in stop and go riding.

That pretty much sums up the things that make a BionX kit better than any other electric conversion kit. Check out the BionX motor kit in more detail and be sure to discover for yourself why it's the best way to electrify any bicycle.