BionX Kit Versus Other Electric Bicycle Motors

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BionX Kit Versus Other Electric Bicycle Motors

Even if you've been investigating electric bicycle motors for a while you may not realize the difference between one electric bike motor and the next. You see there are many different designs electric bicycle motors which contribute differently to their performance. It all gets a bit complicated but to keep things simple lets compare the motor of a BionX kit to other electric bicycle motors from other electric conversion kits. Why? Well because the motor of a BionX kit is the best available!

What makes the BionX motor kit different?

So first let's talk geared and un-geared motors. First off, what kind of gears do electric bicycle motors have and what purpose do they serve? Well, because electric bicycle motors have more torque and power at low speeds gears are often used to make less sophisticated electric motors put out more rpms, which translates into more speed. They do this by using planetary gearing.

Planetary gearing is a whole different topic to itself. Let it suffice to say that, for the purposes of electric bike motors, planetary gearing turns low rpms into high rpms. For now, let's just take that for granted.

Having gears isn't that great though, and high quality electric bicycle motors like those in the BionX bicycle motor kit are designed without gears for three main reasons:

  1. BionX kits do not have geared motors because it leads to more maintenance issues. The gears used in bicycle motors are made of plastic, wear out over time, and eventually need to be replaced. By avoiding these gears a BionX kit requires less maintenance than other electric bicycle motors.

  2. Gears translate into moving parts inside your electric bicycle motor. That means there is friction, resistance, and weight. Because a BionX kit does not use a geared motor it has very little resistance when you spin it. That means it is easier to ride a bike converted with a BionX kit because you don't have to move a lot of weight around when you turn the wheel.

  3. Having those moving parts also means you would be getting some noise, even if low level, from your electric bicycle motor. Without gears the motor used in a BionX kit is the quietest on the market. Ride in peace.

Kiss friction goodbye with a BionX electric motor kit

The next primary design issue is how power is transferred from the battery to the electric bike motor. BionX kits are built using the more efficient, lighter weight, and lower maintenance design: brushless motors. Brushed electric motors transfer power via copper pieces that literally brush up against the motor coils as they spin. BionX kits avoid this for two reasons:

  1. BionX kits use brushless motors because the brushes of a brushed motor wear down and need to be replaced. This makes the BionX kit lower maintenance.

  2. Brushless motors have almost no friction compared to brushed motors. That makes the brushless electric motor of a BionX kit more efficient.
That's about all we have time for now. Suffice it to say that a BionX kit is using the best in electric bicycle motor technology. Keep in mind also that this kit is built for everyday use and is designed to enhance the feeling of riding a bicycle. It is not a moped or motorcycle motor. It is a truly an electric BICYCLE motor. As a result it is low maintenance, light weight, low friction, compact, and very quiet.

I hope this has provided some insight into why the motor of a BionX kit is so superior to that of other electric conversion kits. There really is no contest. Be sure to check out the BionX electric kit as well as our other electric conversion kits. For more information on electric conversion kits in general, read some more of our Electric Bike Kit Articles.