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Who can't use a BionX kit?

We usually focus on the positives about of the BionX kit but I feel we should also discuss what it can't do. Because even though the BionX kit is the most advanced electric bike motor kit it is not for everyone.

Some people simply don't have bikes that are compatible with the BionX kit, and some simply don't need or want all the features. So let's take a look at some of the situations a BionX kit is not in its element, starting with the most obvious.

Cost of a BionX kit

This is no impulse buy. The BionX kit is the best on the market, but it is also very expensive. There are some very good reasons for the cost of a BionX kit (highest quality battery and motor, excellent interface and intuitive operation) but no amount of good reasoning can lower the price for a buyer inhibited by a limited budget. The eZee Electric Bike kit is a good alternative to the BionX kit if price is an issue. Though simpler this electric conversion kit still gets the job done and is of good quality despite the price. Still, if you want the best electric conversion kit you have to look to the BionX kit.

The BionX kit is not a throttle based electric bike kit

After cost the next reason some people don't want a BionX kit is it's intended function. A BionX kit is designed to assist the rider, not take over. Although BionX kits sold in the US have a throttle, they cannot move the rider from a dead stop. You have to pedal up to about 1 or 2 mph before using the throttle. The reality is that with a BionX kit set to assist mode 4 you have no trouble lightly pressing down on the pedals and taking off immediately. Still, some people want that feeling of twisting a throttle and taking off like a motorcycle. Again, in this case the Ezee Electric Bike kit is probably a better choice.

Installing a BionX kit

Even if someone loves the concept of a BionX kit and is happy with it's function there are still some situations where it will not work for them. These are instances where installation limitations prevent a BionX kit from functioning properly on a particular bicycle. The most common incompatibility is a bicycle with internal hub gearing. The BionX kit is a freewheel only setup and cannot be used with only one cog. That also limits it from installation on single speed and, of course, fixed gear bicycles. Here again I would recommend the Ezee Electric Bike kit, which is a front wheel drive and will work regardless of the drivetrain setup.

These are the three most common instances where the BionX kit, as well designed as it is, doesn't stand a chance. In all other, indeed the majority, of cases a BionX kit is the perfect way to convert your bike to a hybrid electric bicycle. So now you know who can't use a BionX bike kit. Still interested? Then check out some detailed specifications of the BionX electric bike kit.