BionX: Health Benefits of the BionX Kit

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BionX: Health Benefits of the BionX Kit

It's Spring time in New York! The sun is shining, the squirrels are running, and the pigeons are flying! Those mornings spent waiting for the subway with chattering teeth are fading into a distant memory. Now it's time to get out and get active! But getting a little fresh air and exercise doesn't mean sweating up a storm. On the contrary, with a BionX kit you can get all the fun of riding a bike while working as little or as much as you want. A BionX bicycle is a true hybrid electric bicycle.

There is nothing better than taking that first bike ride of the season. Getting out in the open air after being cooped up inside all Winter starts a new phase of life. Bike riding is a great way to get energized, especially if you aren't normally very active. That's why equipping your bike with an electric bike conversion kit is so great for getting in shape.

A BionX kit lets you work as much as you want

With a BionX conversion kit your regular bicycle becomes an intelligent hybrid bicycle. If you feel like taking it out for a relaxing cruise of the neighborhood, or a scenic ride in the country, you can set the BionX kit to one of four pedal assist modes. In these settings the BionX hub motor will augment your pedal force, making it easier to go long distances and up hills. This is no moped however. You will still be getting the feel of riding a bike, and some great exercise. For many people, the thought of being drenched in sweat is enough to keep them on the couch. The pedal assist modes of a BionX electric bike kit allow you to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Leave the sweating to those spandex clad road bikers!

On the other hand, a BionX kit can serve as a versatile exercise bike. Just as you can select four modes of pedal assistance, there are also four generator modes. These four modes of the BionX hub motor offer increasingly high levels of resistance, and believe me, you can get a workout with these. Why would anyone pay for a fancy bike machine when they could get the same type of workout from a BionX kit? At least with a BionX electric bike kit you're not stuck inside pedaling in one place while watching TV!

Enjoy the sunshine with a Bionx electric bike kit!

With a BionX kit installed on your bike you have some serious flexibility. You can switch it to pedal assist mode and for an easy cruise or get a serious workout in generator mode. Either way, you'll be out getting energizing aerobic exercise. Don't let anything keep you from enjoying your life and being healthy. A BionX electric bike kit is the perfect way to get and stay active!