BionX Electric Bike Conversion: The Step-Through Bike

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BionX Electric Bike Conversion: The Step-Through Bike

The BionX Electric Conversion Kit is one of the best electric motor kits that will install on a bicycle. It's a lightweight system with a reliable Lithium battery, which means it can travel upwards of 30 miles on a single battery charge. It has four levels of pedal-assistance that depend on how hard the rider pedals, as well as a throttle for an added speed boost. With regenerative braking, the battery life can be extended for another 10-15 miles. It really is one of the best electric bike motor kits on the market.

The hardest decision to make when building a BionX electric bike is picking the right bike for your style of riding. Since we started selling BionX electric kits, we've converted almost any bike you can think of to an electric bike: BionX road bikes, BionX folding bikes, BionX trikes, etc. The most important thing is finding a bike that is comfortable, and that is durable enough to handle a powerful electric hub motor.

A popular choice for a BionX conversion is the comfortable step-through bike. Widely considered a "Ladies Frame," the step-through bike is now becoming a great unisex option because of its easy mounting position.

A BionX Electric Comfort Bike

The best part of the BionX electric motor kit is the different motor options, and places to mount the battery. New for 2010, BionX released a rear-rack battery that slides easily into place on a tiered rack. The traditional water-bottle mount is still the best for equal weight distribution, but that rear-rack battery looks pretty sleek. On a step-through frame, the rear-rack battery keeps the middle of the bike clear, so it isn't too much work to throw your leg over the top.

A swept back handlebar allows for a nice, upright riding style. This makes the position much more comfortable and easier to control. The throttle and pedal-assist console is located right next to the brake levers, so it is very easy to adjust the speed of the electric motor.

If you're looking for a BionX Ladies Bike or a BionX step-through bike, we've recently converted a Rivendell step-through bike, which turned out to be an amazing electric bike. This bike was built with the BionX PL350 using the rear-rack battery. It's really smooth, and really comfortable, and as far as electric conversions go, probably one of the best builds you can do.

Check out our BionX electric conversion kits, and build an electric bike of your own!