How to measure the BionX cable length for custom systems

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How to measure the BionX cable length for custom systems

Please follow these instructions to measure your BionX cables if ordering a custom system on our BionX custom electric bike kit configurator.
(motor and console cables or not standard Water bottle mount or Rear rack)

Cable dimension D1 (Console) Measure the distance from where your control panel or console will be mounted, usually on the right side of your handlebar to where you will mount the battery. If you are using the battery in bag option, it is usually from the front of the luggage rack. The hard-case battery is measured from the taller side of the battery end. Usually the end with the cables is closer to the motor.
Add a 2-3 inch slack to allow the cable to follow around the front when turning the handlebar. If you are building an electric folding bike, also add some slack around the hinge.

Cable dimension D2 (Motor) Measure the length of required cable from the left side of your rear drop-out (where your rear wheel attaches to the frame) to where your battery will be located.

NOTE: the maximum possible cabling sizes are:
D2 = 39 inches
D1 + D2 combined length = 97 inches.