Checking a BionX motor for resistance

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Checking a BionX motor for resistance

It is important to check your motor for non-mechanical resistance because resistance means you might have a blown circuit board in the motor. In some cases damage to the motor can cause collateral damage in the battery pack - a blown fuse.

To check for resistance, do the following:

  1. Turn off your BionX.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Unplug your motor (the plugs are under those velcro/neoprene pieces by the center of the rear wheel on the left side of the bike).
  4. Check to make sure that nothing is dragging on the wheel, brakes are not grabbing the rim, and the tire is not touching the frame.
  5. Lift the rear wheel off of the ground.
  6. By hand, spin the rear wheel forward as if it were rolling down the road. Note: Resistance when spinning the motor backwards is normal.
If it feels like the wheel is resisting you significantly or as if it's in heavy regenerative mode then there's a good chance you have a blown motor. Contact your dealer or submit a BionX System Analysis Form.

Motor resistance and unresponsive batteries
If your battery doesn't respond and your motor has resistance, there's a decent chance that when the motor blew it blew the fuse in the battery as well. The battery should not be damaged but the fuse will need to be replaced.

Do not open your battery to replace the fuse because:

  1. Doing so would void your warranty.
  2. If you replace the fuse without fixing the motor the fuse will just blow again
We recommend you return your battery to a BionX dealer along with the motor so they can be properly repaired and tested. If NYCeWheels is your dealer please submit a BionX System Analysis Form.