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This owners manual covers the following BionX bike systems:
P-250, PL-250, PL-250 light, P-350, PL-350 and PL500

Thank you for purchasing the BionX intelligent energy management system, one of the best systems on the market from the leader in alternative transportation - NYCeWheels!
Adaptable, powerful, light and a regenerative braking feature makes this one of the best electric conversion systems for bicycles.
Please take a few minutes to read Owners manual, it will guide you through the distinctive features, functions, care and use of your BionX intelligent system. We are convinced that this product will bring you immense satisfaction and riding pleasure for many years to come.

On your handlebars, ready, ride?
Sincerely, Jean-Yves Dubé President BionX

The goal of your BionX electric bicycle system is to allow you to work smart and exercise without exhausting yourself (assistance mode) or, to the opposite, to train all year long (generative mode).
The BionX system will assist you in proportion to your effort, it reads your pedaling effort and adds assistance according to your selected mode of assist form 25% all the way up to 300% assist.
The BionX system was developed so that your are moving at 15 mph with the same effort as walking 2-3 mph. The recommended Cadence is about 60, i.e. one pedal rotation per second, which is approximately the same sequence as a walker.


Installing your battery pack (hard-case):
Set your battery on the battery bracket, about 1? in front of the connector block and slide towards the connector. Please make sure not to apply any force as this will damage the battery connector or battery bracket.
Push down on the battery release lever/carrying handle and then push in your lock until it clicks in place. (key should be removed to avoid bending it)

Removing your battery pack (hard-case):
Insert the key in the lock, turn the key gently whilst pushing on the battery lever ? releasing pressure. The lock will pop out. Pull the battery lever and remove the battery from the battery holder. Installing and removing the battery if you ordered it in the bag option:
Before removing the Velcro closures, make sure you unplug both the power and communications wires. Be sure your Velcro closures are securely in place when attaching the battery.

The console is equipped with a microprocessor for Assistance & Generation. The thumb throttle (if you ordered that option) allows to get power-assist from the motor whether you pedal or not. It is great to briefly override your pre-set power level when needed.

ASSISTANCE Four assistance levels compensate the cyclist?s effort from 25% to 300%, allowing you to ride faster while giving the same effort (or to ride at the same speed with less effort). To select the assistance mode, simply press A+ to increase from level 1 to 4 and then G-to reduce from 4 to 1.

The table below shows an example of assistance modes to select depending on the situation. To insure a smooth departure, the assistance will only start when the bicycle moves at 2 mph or more. Assistance levels are approximate. They vary de­pending on the cyclist?s weight, weather conditions and pedaling effort.

250 watt systems:
Level-A1: 25 % Flat ground
Level-A2: 50 % Moderate slopes, Headwind
Level-A3: 100% Steep hills, Strong headwind
Level-A4: 200 % Very steep hills, high speeds

350 watt systems:
Level-A1: 35 % Flat ground
Level-A2: 75 % Moderate slopes, Headwind
Level-A3: 150 % Steep hills, Strong headwind
Level-A4: 300 % Very steep hills, high speeds

Generation Level-G1, Regeneration: Downhill or Back wind; recharge on flat ground
Level-G2, Regeneration: Fitness mode ? less aggressive; recharge on flat ground
Level-G3, Regeneration: Fitness Mode aggressive or moderate downhill
Level-G4, Regeneration: Fitness Mode Difficult or steep downhill
Regenerative braking automatically kicks in at level-4 and is used for braking.

When the throttle is activated, the system by-passes the assistance level selected on the command console and provides power-assist, independently of your pedaling effort. However we still recommend to continue pedaling when the throttle is activated, at least at a walking pace. The motor assistance will gradually reduce while approaching the set maximum speed and will completely stop upon reaching this speed in order to follow the regulation.

In position G1 through G4, the motor becomes a generator, allowing to restore energy in the battery. For better result, we recommend to recharge the battery in G1 or G2 modes while keeping a riding speed of at least 20 kph (12 mph). The motor also becomes a generator when using the rear brake. Please note that the generative mode does not replace the existing brakes, but increases considerably the braking quality and will help you slow down when needed. It activates as soon as the rear handbrake is activated.

Fitness Machine with BionX Cardio
Use the four generative modes to simulate slopes: Your bicycle will become a fitness machine. The higher the level (G1 to G4) the more effort the system will be demanding.


Turn system On & Off
Press ON | MODE
Note : the console automatically switches off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Backlit LCD
Press ON | MODE for 2 seconds to turn the backlit on / off.

LCD Contrast
Press on both CRONO & + A simultaneously to increase contrast
Press on both CRONO & - G simultaneously to decrease contrast

Assistance levels A1 through A4
To adjust the level of assist, use + A to move up and - G to decrease the amount of help from the system.
Note that your system will not assist of re-generate if set to Level-0

Generation levels G1 through G4
To adjust the level of re-generation, use - G to increase charging (resistance) and + A to lower the amount of charging and resistance
Shortcut; you can push down + A or - G for a few seconds to switch to the opposite mode.

Distance traveled, Odometer, Chronometer & Average speed
Press on CRONO to toggle between the 4 modes. To reset the chronometer, average speed and the distance to 0, hold down CRONO for a few seconds. Note, you have to do that for each mode individually

Setting up your password | Alarm system
Press and hold + A & - G for a few seconds until 0000 appears.
0000 is the factory default code. Use + A & - G to move to your first desired number and press ON | MODE to save. Repeat 4 times to set your personal alarm code.

Activate your alarm system
Press and hold + A & - G for a few seconds until the blinking lock is displayed. Your system is now armed.
If the bicycle is being moved for more than 1/4 wheel rotation, the battery will emit a sound and the sytem will switch to the maximum generative mode (level 4) to make it very hard to ride off on your bike.

How to disarm the alarm system
Press on any button, 4 zeros will appear, the first one is blinking. Enter your pass-code and press ON | MODE

Programming menu
The below instructions show you how to enter the BionX programming mode to access many features for customization and trouble shooting.

Hold both CHRONO & ON | MODE down for a few seconds until four zeros appear at the bottom left corner of the screen. The first zero will be blinking, waiting your input. Use + A & - G to enter the first number of the code and press ON | MODE to set. Repeat until your 4 digit code is entered.

Code 2001: Kph or mph
Code 2004: Set clock
Code 2005: Wheel size

Wheel Diameter Corresponding Circumference (mm)
18 inches 1436
20 inches 1596
24 inches (507 mm) 1915
26 inches 2075
27 inches 2156
700 mm 2199
28 inches 2234
Note, if you want it 100% perfect, sit on your bike with your tires properly inflated and push it forward exactly one rotation on your wheel (remember a reference point like the air valve at the fork) and measure the traveled distance in millimeters. (1" = 25.4 mm)


Spoke tension
We recommend that you visit your bike dealer to inspect the spokes tension after 2 to 3 weeks of use (and/or 300 km 200 miles).

Made of permanent magnets (brushless), the BionX motor does not require any maintenance

When your BionX battery is not on your bike, please make sure the battery connection located on the bicycle frame is well protected from dust and water. If you notice any sign of corrosion, simply clean with a smooth brush.

When storing your BionX battery for more than 2 months, you should:
NiMH Lithium Ion
Fully charge your battery before storing it
Store battery pack in a dry area with low humidity.
It is recommended to store a NiMH battery pack between 0 and 20 degrees Celsius.
Keep away from extreme temperature changes.
Make sure the battery never freezes.
Recharge every two months.

Lithium Manganese
It is recommended that Li-ion battery packs are charged at least 70% before a long storage period.
Store in a 50 C to 25 C area.
The most preferable storage temperature is 20 C.
Avoid a long period of storage when temperature reaches 45 C or higher.
Do not store a battery pack where atmosphere temperature reaches 20 C or below.
Avoid direct exposure to sun rays and heat when storing a battery pack (battery cells) in a warehouse.
Do not store a battery pack where atmosphere temperature reaches 45 C or higher
Store in a dry area with low humidity. - Keep away from extreme temperature changes.
Prevent a battery pack from having dew condensation (to prevent rust).
Never leave a battery uncharged for a long period of time (two months or more)

Long-Term Storage Please store the battery fully charged and recharge at least every two months!

We strongly recommend to always charge your battery after a ride if level of charge is less than a half.
Recharge at ambient temperature.
Avoid warm locations.
You can either remove the battery or connect the battery directly on your bicycle.
Then plug the battery pack cord into a standard wall outlet (110 Volts or 220 Volts).
A fully discharged battery can be recharged in ap­proximately 3 to 4 hours.
Always turn off your system before plugging the charger or before removing the battery to recharge. Never turn on/off the system while the battery is charging.
Let the battery get back to room temperature (20 ºC) before recharging it.
NOTE : Since the battery does not have a memory, it is not necessary to completely discharge the battery before charging it again.

Do not charge the battery right in the sun.
CHARGING NIMH 36V BATTERY. (P-350) It is recommended to open the trunk bag when charging the 36V NiMH battery. This will allow the battery to ventilate and keep it cooler, which will help recharge and enhance a longer lifespan.

We do not provide range estimates of distance travelled per charge since distances will vary a lot, depending on road conditions, riding surface, cyclist?s weight, wind, hills, temperature and assistance level selected.

Make sure the connections are all adequately plugged in and clean to avoid problems.
Look for a full battery charge level on your LCD command console. If this is not the case, please refer to the ?how to charge the battery? section
Always make sure your battery is locked in place.

Use the assistance levels according to your needs.
Look for opportunities to use the recharge mode.
If you are going downhill or riding with a tail-wind, it makes sense to put the BionX bicycle in recharge mode by pressing the - G button or by touching the brake lever to activated the regenerative system.

Simply disconnect both connectors that are covered with a neoprene (rubber girdle) near the rear wheel. You can remove the BionX wheel like any conventional wheel.
WARNING : Before plugging or unplugging the motor, double-check that your system is turned OFF. (Command console is off)

The motor is always on generative mode. If the ??G?? keeps being displayed on your controller and you are unable to select any other assistance level, the magnetic switch underneath the brake lever is probably too far away from the magnet. Bring it closer and the "G" will disappear. If you are unable to bring it closer, please unplug the sensor?s connection and contact NYCeWheels.

If the throttle does not provide power-assist
Hold both CHRONO & ON | MODE down for a few seconds until you see a countdown on the display. During this countdown, press on the throttle and Hold until the system reboots itself.

The charger light keeps flashing and never switches to solid red.
The inside battery temperature is either too low or to high. Let the battery rest and cool down in a cool area (20C) and try again. If the problem persists after several hours, please contact NYCeWheels.

The charging light is turning green after only a few minutes of charging
Please make sure that the system is OFF before you plug the charger or before you remove the battery to recharge it.
Do not turn the system ON or OFF while the battery is charging.

The display does not show full after a complete recharge
Please make sure that you are following all charging instructions
Let the battery cool down for several hours and try to recharge it again.
If the problem persists, please contact NYCeWheels

The screen does not isplay probably or is fragmented
Press on both CRONO & + A simultaneously to increase contrast
Press on both CRONO & - G simultaneously to decrease contrast