Fixing the 5 Common BionX Problems

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Fixing the 5 Common BionX Problems

The most common BionX problems occur from a simple error in installation that is easy to find and fix. Before going through our interactive BionX troubleshooting guide, here's how to fix are 5 Common BionX Problems that may occur with your brand-new electric motor kit:

Connectors - not turning on, not assisting, fragmented display

The most common cause of any BionX problem is a connection issue. You're connecting batteries to brackets to consoles to motors, and there's a lot of wiring to take into account. Before you pack up your system and send it back, double check all of your wiring. Maybe you left something disconnected. Maybe you accidentally bent one of the pins if you tried to force it together. Maybe you got grease on one of the plugs and now you have to clean it with some rubbing alcohol. Whatever problem your experiencing with the operation of your kit, there's a 80% chance it's a connection problem.

For a detailed run through of all possible connections to check, follow our BionX Connection Check Guide.

The number one thing to keep in mind when installing a BionX kit is DON'T FORCE IT! Everything should fit together snugly and easily.

Axle Notch - not assisting, poor acceleration or speed

BionX Notch If you just installed the kit, or just got your bike serviced, and you are not getting what feels like good acceleration you check to make sure the notch (or gap) on the left side of your rear axle is pointed directly downward, as pictured.

This gap orients the motor and tells the it when to assist. When you have a BionX problem relating to an issue with your motor, examine this notch. Is it pointing straight down? If not, you'll have to loosen it with a BionX puller tool, and reposition it straight down to 6 o' clock.

If the notch is pointing straight down and you still have an issue, check your motor for resistance. If you do find resistance, contact your dealer, or if you purchased the kit from NYCeWheels please fill out a BionX system analysis form and we'll contact you with further steps.

Contrast - console is totally blank or fully blacked out, doesn't turn on

Note: this does not apply to G2 consoles. G2 consoles do not have a contrast adjustment.

If you're display just doesn't show anything but the system seems to work it's probably just a contrast issue. If your screen is too dark, and all of the digits seem to be showing, hold down "crono" and press "G-" to decrease the contrast. If you can't see any of the digits, hold down "crono" and press "A+" to increase the contrast. Simple right?

Stuck in Regen Mode - impossible to ride, bike is stuck, heavy resistance

This is a tricky BionX problem, but one that can be easily fixed once understood properly. If the system seems to be permanently stuck in "regen" mode (showing a G all the time), it is most likely due to the position of your brake sensor cable. The first thing to try is disconnecting this cable (the shorter cable coming from the console, not the one that goes down to the battery) and then try the system.

If it works, you'll have to reposition the sensor wire. Follow these instructions to Adjust the BionX Brake Sensor. If it doesn't work, check your motor for resistance. If you need additional help and your purchased your kit from NYCeWheels, just contact us and we'll walk you through it.

Throttle Calibration - throttle not working

If the throttle doesn't seem to be working properly try a throttle calibration. This will solve the issue.

Need more help?

If you purchased your BionX from NYCeWheels and it still seems like your system is giving you issues, please use our interactive BionX troubleshooting guide. It contains all the knowledge we've accumulated over the years and we update it as we go. Or, if you're getting frustrated and want us to walk you through it contact us. We've been through practically every BionX problem you could be experiencing.

The BionX electric motor kit is our best motor kit for a bicycle. With all of the different motor options, rim sizes, and battery mounts, there's bound to be a BionX kit that works for you. Because we ship so many of these systems out of state, it's hard for us to oversee the installation process, just to make sure the system is running smoothly.