BionX Electric Bike Conversion: The Recumbent

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BionX Electric Bike Conversion: The Recumbent

Trying to pick out the best bike for a BionX electric conversion kit? It's a tough decision to make, especially if you're unsure about a bike's performance with an electric bike kit. Will it be comfortable? Will it be strong enough? Will it be too heavy? These are all viable questions to think about when purchasing a BionX conversion kit. Luckily, we've done everything from BionX folding bikes to BionX trikes, to BionX Comfort Bikes so we can tell you what works and what doesn't work.

A popular conversion for our customers is a recumbent bicycle with a BionX electric conversion kit. This laid back position allows for a comfortable ride, as well as a low-to-the-ground profile. The BionX recumbent is also a great commuter, since these bikes tend to handle really well with an electric bike conversion kit. Here are a few recumbent conversions we've seen:

Scorpion BionX Recumbent Trike

Brendan put a BionX conversion kit on his Scorpion recumbent trike. The three-wheeled setup allows for added stability, and mounting the battery on the rear rack is a solution on an otherwise tough frame. Brendan liked his new BionX kit so much that he bought another one a month later! Headwinds and hills are no longer a problem for him.

Camping with a BionX Recumbent

Olli, another customer of ours, installed a BionX conversion kit on his recumbent. Towing a trailer, he uses this setup to pull along all of his camping gear. On his BionX recumbent, he will ride 25 miles per day to work, and a windshield on the front helps to make this feel like a commuter vehicle. When he tows his camping gear, his BionX motor pulls most of the weight, and he is able to take everything he needs in a small bike trailer. He's currently riding his BionX recumbent in Finland!

Tour Easy BionX Recumbent

Lou installed a BionX conversion kit on his Tour Easy Recumbent. With the battery centered under the seat, the weight distribution is the best for him. Though he's not as low to the ground as Brendan or Olli, he has a nice, upright riding style with large, swept-back handlebars. He uses his BionX bike every day, and liked it so much that he installed a BionX bike kit on his wife's Day 6 bike. The pair of them are now using BionX motor kits as their main form of transportation.

If the riding position of a standard bicycle makes you uncomfortable, then maybe you'd be better off with a recumbent bicycle. It's a low, comfortable ride and it works really well when electrified. Check out our options for the BionX electric conversion kit and put one on your own bike!