BionX PL350 Bike Motor Kit - $450 off + FREE shipping

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BionX PL350 Bike Motor Kit - $450 off + FREE shipping

The 36 volt BionX PL350 motor kit is an upgrade in power and range from the PL250. It is the classic BionX motor kit offering excellent power and proven technology. This is a great kit for heavy riders, riders with lots of steep hills, or folks who need to pull a trailer.

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This kit is no longer available. Please take a look at our current selection of BionX kits for the latest and greatest technology!


  • Rear wheel motor
  • Clear display
  • Pulls serious weight
  • Rack battery option
  • Fits most bikes
Rear wheel motor1 Clear display2 Pulls serious weight3 Rack battery option4 Fits most bikes5

To give your ride a huge boost of power at a lower weight, the Bionx PL350 offers a 350W motor and a 36V Li-ion battery. Our best selling kit, this is a great option for any rider who is looking for substantial power and low weight. Converting your bike to electric with the Bionx P350 system will make your commute quicker, make long trips and hills a no sweat situation, and make riding a whole lot more fun!

Bionx image Bionx PL350 features:

  • Intuitive, fully-automated pedal assist and throttle modes
  • Lightest electric conversion kit available (17 lbs)
  • Regenerative braking to increase range of battery while you ride
  • PL350 is the best combination of speed and power.

The control console is easy to operate, with two main buttons to increase or decrease the amount of assistance to the bike. Below the assistance settings you can always pedal with no assistance or dip down into regenerative mode. In regenerative mode, and whenever the brakes are used, the battery will actually use the wheel resistance to get a little more charged up. Use this going down hills to get a longer life out of your battery, but don't forget to plug it in at home to fully charge up!

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Bionx PL350 Electric Bike Conversion kit
Maximum Speed:20mph
Torque:10 Newton-meters/32 peak
Weight:17 lbs. total
Motor Type:Direct drive generative wheel motor (gearless - brushless)
Motor Power:350 watts/700 watts peak
Battery:36 volt L-ion battery
Battery Dimensions:13 x 7 x 3.5 inches
Charger:Li-ion Bionx charger

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