BionX Troubleshooting Resource

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BionX Troubleshooting Resource

This BionX troubleshooting resource was created by NYCeWheels to help our customers as well as those BionX owners who's dealer, for whatever reason, is unable to assist them in getting back on the road. While it will never be a "complete" resource for troubleshooting every possible problem we are building it up as we encounter new problems and situations. We hope you find it useful.

If your dealer is not supporting you, please contact BionX directly.

How to best use this resource

We've tried to organize everything starting with the symptoms you may be experiencing and then moving through troubleshooting steps from most basic to the most complex or difficult. Follow these rules to get the most out of our resource:

  1. Start from the top and proceed down
  2. Do not skip steps
  3. Be patient and remember to follow all directions closely

Common BionX Problems - New Installations Start Here

If you just installed your BionX kit you may want to start with checking for the most common BionX problems experienced with recently installed kits.

Interactive Troubleshooting Guide

First we need to determine the basic condition you're BionX is in and cover each problem as it comes up. Please start by selecting one of the following issues:

  1. BionX Doesn't Turn On
  2. BionX Does Turn On
  3. Battery Does Not Charge

Send us your findings!

We pride ourselves on serving our customers after the sale. If you purchased your kit from NYCeWheels, we're here for you 100% as long as you ride your kit. So, if you've gone through this resource and found you still need additional help please submit a BionX System Analysis Form and we will contact you with further steps to get you back on the road!

Quick Links
If you've already been working with this guide you may want to just jump right to any of the following pages:
BionX Diagnostic Mode - error codes, strain gauge, and voltage readings
BionX Throttle Calibration - how to fix a throttle that doesn't respond (new installations especially)
BionX Brake Sensor Adjustment - if your regenerative braking isn't working right