Birdy Folding Bike & Accessories

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Birdy Folding Bike & Accessories

The German-engineered Birdy folding bicycles are some of the best quality, high-performance folding bikes around. The dual suspension is unique - it's the most comfortable folding bike for a rough road - and the speedy 18" wheels can fly across the pavement.

The Birdy A9 folding bike is the current model - a 9 speed with a sleek matte gray finish. If you want high performance in a compact folder, the Birdy folding bike is the best choice.

A Birdy folding bike offers the benefits and performance of a top-quality road bike while offering you the advantages of increased mobility and convenience. NYCeWheels stocks the Birdy folding bike as well as Birdy bicycle accessories at competitive prices with fast shipping directly to you. Whether you're looking for a new bike or just for Birdy folding-bike parts, take a look at what we have to offer at

This German-engineered folding bicycle is the most comfortable folding bike for navigating rough roads, thanks to its unique dual suspension. But its 18-inch wheels let you attain high speeds on smooth paved roads as well.

Light but tough, the Birdy folding bike features a strong, jointless frame. It folds down into a small package, making it ideal not only for commuting but also for those who live in small spaces or who are going on boating trips or traveling in small cars.