Birdy FAQ: More than just a folding bike!

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Birdy FAQ: More than just a folding bike!

Birdy folding bikes are top of the line

To start let's take a look at a few of the highlights of the Birdy folding bike.

Because of its special frame design, full suspension and high quality components the Birdy offers the comfort and performance of a full sized high quality road bike. With up to 24 gears and attachments for carriers and front and rear panniers, the Birdy folding bike is not only a perfect recreational and city commuting bike but it's also an excellent long distance travel folding bike.

On top of these touring and sporty benefits, the Birdy is foldable. However, we prefer to think of this as the icing on the cake.

More and more Birdy folding bikes are appearing in long distance rides around Australia such as the 600km RTA rides, as people realize they can gain the benefits of portability, without sacrificing the features or performance of a full sized bike.

What is so special about the Birdy folding bike?

  • Does it have full suspension? - Yes! The front and rear suspension on the Birdy give you a very comfortable ride. Suspension on small-wheeled bikes is not just a luxury, it is actually really important. This is because smaller wheels do not offer the same natural suspension effect that bigger wheels do.

  • Is it fast? - Definitely! The Birdy is as fast as many large wheeled bikes. You will be amazed how easy it is to keep up with your cycling mates. The 18 inch wheels do not mean you have to pedal more because, like most small wheel folding bikes, the over sized chainring (56 teeth) compensates for the smaller wheels. This means that one turn of the pedals will take you the same distance as a normal bike would. In addition, high-pressure tires (90 psi), a wide gear range and a light-weight frame also help to give your folding bike effortless speed. In fact, small wheels have advantages. The small inertia of small wheels results in easy acceleration and lets the bike glide up hills.

  • Is it comfy? - Indeed. Despite the fact that it looks different, the geometry of the Birdy folding bike is designed like a normal sized bike. This means when you first jump on a Birdy, the riding position will feel similar to your normal bike. The Birdy also has a wide range of possible adjustments to easily fit different riders and riding styles. (It can be fitted to riders of up to 6.4ft tall).

  • Is it strong? - For sure. The Birdy has a strong, joint-less frame, since the folding joints are incorporated into the suspension mechanism. Riders of up to 242lbs (including luggage) can use the Birdy. The Birdy folding bike is made of a strong aluminum alloy (7005), which makes the bike rigid and rust resistant.

  • How light is it? - Weighing in at only 23-26lbs, the Birdy is the lightest full-suspended folding bike on the market. Being so light, it's no hassle to carry your Birdy up and down the stairs or to take it on buses, trains or ferries.

  • Is it easy to fold? - With only three main folding joints and no tools required, folding your Birdy folding bicycle couldn't be easier. With a bit of practice it will take you less than 15 seconds.

  • How small does it fold? - Because the Birdy folds down so small (13.5 x 23.5 x 30.5in) it is ideal to store it in any corner, behind the couch, under the desk and in the smallest car. Because of this it also makes a great folding commuter bike.

  • How does it look? - Even with all its amazing functionality and features, the German designers achieved a clean and eyecatching design with this portable bike.

We hope you found this section of Birdy folding bike frequently asked questions helpful in your search for the perfect folding bike. The Birdy is definitely up there with the best of them, a fine performance folding bike.