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That's my buddy Bladie and I (Remi) on our bikes. Mine is the pink one that is less souped up. Over the last couple of months I have been able to do a good paint job on Bladie's customized electric creation that he named Submerged. The tank has my interpretation of Bladie's face and the various parts have an array of multi-colored areas. It was challenging because I knew I couldn't paint anything less then funky. The building process has been quite a unique experience from the initial birth of Bladie's idea, first drawn on the backs of some intricately bound envelopes to the surreal creature this bike has turned into presently. Every time I would see the bike, it would have some kind of new detailing that Bladie would have spent the night working on. The bike reminds me of a giant piece of candy that one just wants to examine. I have also been painting all of Bladie's personalized T-shirts. He has almost every color that he can match up with all his different towel pants. Painting the T-shirts for Bladie is like being the costume designer for an outrageous cartoon character. I make the T-shirts available to anyone that is interested or anyone that has a desire for their own one of a kind unique design. (I paint them all by hand) You can get your own tee by making contact with me through this site or e-mailing me at [email protected] . I can also be found in Central Park dancing my butt off on weekends. (Just spot the long red hair) I charge $65 per T-shirt. I also invite anyone looking for a great time to just get a pair of skates and come out to the circle and have a great time. I am also developing my art that I would like to display in the near future. I love doing the various artistic projects with Bladie because I always know that my work will have an outlet. It is one of the most positive and satisfying experiences to see and know that you are sharing your work with others and that it can make people smile. I am presently studying art at a New York Institute. It has been a real task to put on paper the many ideas I envision in my head. I learn more about myself with every drawing I do. I study from live, in class models each week as well. The other week, my instructor who is a master in his own right, presented me with a gift. He gave me a beautiful leather bound drawing pad. I was truly grateful. The only way I could think of showing my thanks was to continue doing what I was doing and to work even harder to improve on my art. It was a show of respect and I plan to take from that class all I can. It was also very encouraging to have some of the older more developed artists in my class stop to look at my work. If in life, if you find something you love doing, hold on to it and don't let go of it easily. The worst that one can do is give up on a dream. Finding the right balance between my art and my life has been a beautiful struggle that is eternally relevant most people. Knowing Bladie and understanding the way he has consciously structured his life and seeing what he does has helped me in my artistic drive and my self understanding. Not only did Bladie teach me to skate but he also taught me something about life. I came from a very confused stage to a stable well-rounded point in my life. The first time I put on skates with the intention to dance in the skate circle I looked like a cat on ice. I basically, simply put, had no rhythm, zero mind body connection and no shred of funkiness in me. The video that I got from Bladie allowed me to pace myself and keep rewinding. One thing I realized about skating which was like my art practice was the repetition was key if you wanted to master of learn something. Bladie talks about sleep in his video and how one learns when they are sleeping. Surely enough, as time went on, I got better and better. (Let me also mention that the video is a tremendous work out.) I would have never believed that I would be the skater I am today. I would prefer skating to walking, cruising or taking the convenient subway system New York has. I am my own skate now with my own edge and my own style. Since I learned what to do I have really taken skating on full heartedly. I know that there are tons of people who have met Bladie. I can assure you that all of them have their own unique story to tell about him. When he teaches skating on his Dvd and video, you quickly realize that there is something much deeper about life being taught to you. As I continue my journey in life, I stay conscious of the fact that nothing stays the same. All living things on Earth grow and I apply this reality to my stuff. I look forward to being a better artist, a funkier skater and perhaps getting Burt and the guys over at New York Electric Wheels to hook up some electric juice to my pink bike mobile.