Bladie Flowness, Mr Depthivity

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Bladie Flowness, Mr Depthivity

There is a very happy New York guy that the whole world should meet. He does roller blade skate shows every Saturday and Sunday from 3:30 to 6:30 right in the middle of Central Park on 71st. His name is as colorful as his look. He goes by the name of Bladie Flowness. He is an African American guy with multi colored brown black and blond dreadlocks coupled with a blond tipped beard.

This roller dude is one of the funkiest dancers you will see on inline skates. His show is just a big skate party and everybody who has skates of any kind is welcome to come and join the fun. There are so many things Bladie does that the only way we could honestly describe him is by creating a new word that is the title to this piece. He has a Masters Degree in group therapy and has done work towards his Ph.D. Bladie is the only recording artist to have a number one song in Europe and a top twenty on Billboard in the States at the same time.

He also is the only artist who performed all of his TV appearances on skates. He has performed in over twenty countries. Exerts of those TV performances are featured in the Fox piece at the beginning of the new Dvd and training video. Bladie is a very deep person and so creative that he makes all of the baggy towel pants that you see on this website and in the shows. His best friend Remi is an extremely talented up and coming visionary female artist. She paints all the t-shirts seen on Bladie, does special order designs on tee's for people who come into Central Park and has even painted the electric Bladie bike that he named SUBMERGED that you see on this website.

This incredible super futuristic ocean blue electric bike was designed, created and built by Bladie himself. Bert and all the wonderful workers at the New York City Electric Wheels shop in provided the powerful electric motor kit and all of the electrical work. Eddie's Bike Shop on 84th street and Amsterdam Ave. provided front end welding and extension. Fox news has done a very beautiful piece about the many facets of Bladie that is featured at the beginning of his new world's first in home in line skate learning training and dance Dvd and video. Anybody who wants to learn how to inline skate or roller skate needs to get this world's first product idea.

There is a big beautiful muscular guy who skate dances along with Bladie in Central Park named Robert and his secret is that everything he is doing in the shows he learned from the Dvd video package. Bladie also is the writer, producer, singer and saxophone player on his new R&B CD called Flow Motion. This is the only CD in the world that is totally funky, is in more than one language simultaneously and is so unique in subject matter that it stands alone. It is guaranteed to make you laugh. The Dvd is $20.00 dollars, the video is $20.00, the CD sells for $12.00 dollars, the Submerged electric bike calendar is $5.00 dollars and the personal painted t-shirts by Remi can be organized by direct contact. You can get the Dvd, video, CD, T-shirt or calendar by contacting electric wheels bike shop or by visiting Bladie and Remi in Central Park.

When we ask Bladie about what he does and builds in the context of the world, he replied by saying, I can't wait to go to sleep at night and let my subconscious mind work out all of the great new ideas I have to add on to my electric bike adventure the next day." I invite you to challenge yourselves creatively and we can all eventually see what kind of cool funky bee-bop electric bike you can create for yourselves.

Special gift pack of calendar, video, Dvd, and CD will be 30 dollars. Visa and MasterCard are accepted through Electric Bicycles store. Mail Delivery shortly after payment. Things to Come: Bladie is now organizing the world's first futuristic customized electric bike contest for the summer of 2005. All information about the upcoming contest and prizes involved will be received first in the Bladie orders.