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Blix Electric Bikes and Wallerang are both great Electric Bike companies out of Sweden, and they've come together in the US to bring us a great line of folding and full size electric bikes. They offer Shimano STEPS mid drive bikes, as well as hub motor bikes. Blix offers commuter/touring eBikes with a vintage European design that are practical and economical. Wallerang offers their M.01 and M.02 models with Shimano STePS mid drive system with Di2 electronic shifting and “modular” rack system. Both Blix and Wallerang are from Sweden and they also have an office and warehouse in Santa Cruz, California. This means quick manufacturer support for customers, and top notch service!

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Blix Vika+ - English - Blix
Blix Vika+
The Blix Vika+ The Vika+ is a small and mighty companion for your commuting lifestyle. Conveniently foldable, the Vika+ can fit easily inside a small urban apartment or the trunk of a car for a perfect commuting companion. Have a boat or..
From $1,649.00
Blix Vika Travel - English - Blix
Blix Vika Travel
A Better Commute The Vika Travel electric bike provides a superior way to commute or travel with your bike. This foldable eBike with 16" wheels has a 250 watt motor that assists for up to 30 miles with a maximum speed of 17 mph. Fit it..
Blix Vika+ Carry Bag - English - Blix
Blix Vika+ Carry Bag
Carry bag to fit your Vika+ or Vika Travel bike into. Use it to travel, commute, and go anywhere!
Blix Aveny - English - Blix
Blix Aveny
Power and Control Ride further with less effort with the stylish the Blix Aveny electric bike. Powered by a 350 watt geared hub motor and Panasonic battery, you can power this electric bicycle for up to 60 miles per charge at speeds up to..
From $1,999.00
Blix Komfort Prima - English - Blix
Blix Komfort Prima
Ride Further With a battery range of up to 50 miles , the Blix Komfort Prima pushes the boundaries of where you can explore. Feel the wind through your hair as the powerful Shimano Steps motor powers you at speeds up to 20 mph ., with a..
From $1,999.00
Blix Battery - English - Blix
Blix Battery
Get an additional battery and always have one ready charged, select from different battery capacities that gives you longer range! You can lock the battery to the frame with a key, and turn it on by the press of a button. The battery..
From $399.00
Blix Charger - English - Blix
Blix Charger
To charge the battery, simply plug it into a regular wall outlet, either attached to or off of the bike. You never need to wait for the battery to fully discharge. However, a full charge only takes three hours, so you can easily let it..