Bromley Folding Bikes? Eh, close enough...

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Bromley Folding Bikes? Eh, close enough...

If you're looking for a Bromley folding bike, you're probably actually looking for a Brompton folding bike. Here at NYCeWheels, we're amazed at how often we hear people exclaiming about how they once rode a Bromley folding bike and how great it was.

We can understand why people rave about Brompton folding bikes, because they're compact, durable, reliable and simply great fun to ride. We're not sure why so many people refer to Brompton folding bikes as Bromleys, although it could be the English link, since Bromley is a borough of London and Brompton folding bikes are made by an English company.

But we're also aware of a type of tea made by a company in New Jersey called Bromley as well as Bromley Mountain, a ski resort in Vermont; Bromley Hall, a dormitory at the University of Illinois; and the Bromley football club, actually what Americans would call a soccer club, in England.

Whatever you choose to call it, however, we think you'll agree that the Brompton folding bike is one of the neatest folding bikes on the road. Check out our complete selection online at and let us know of any questions.

Sometimes, usually near the end of the day after I've been troubleshooting a BionX kit in Arizona for three hours, while simultaneously trying to stop Mr. Bailey from whining because Bert went off to Central Park on another four-hour test drive, I kind of lose interest in correcting people when they refer to the Brompton folding bike by a more, let's say, "creative" name:

"Man, these Bromleys fold down small, don't they?"

"Can I take a Brampton bike out for a spin?"

"How much does one of these Brentons cost?"

Probably the most common interpretation is the Bromley folding bike. Why Bromley? Well for starters, since the Brompton folding bike is manufactured in London, and Bromley is a borough of London, one might think that despite four letters, these are one and the same. However, any geography buff will tell you that the London borough of Bromley, and the town of Brentford, where Brompton folding bikes are actually manufactured, are about twenty miles apart. "Balderdash," you might say, "it's all the same with those wacky Brits anyhow." Touche, they are a bit strange with their "lifts" and "kilos." Still, why do so many people get the name "Bromley" stuck in their head?

Here are some other famous "Bromleys" that could explain the popularity of the Bromley folding bike

  • Bromley Mountain and Adventure Park in Vermont
  • Bromley Hall: A dormitory at Northern Illinois
  • Bromley Football Club: An English football club. They call it "soccer' over here.

Be sure to check out our current line of Brompton folding bikes, not to be confused with Bromleys, Bramptons, or Blimpie, the greatest sub shop on the planet. Mmm.