Brommie Yummie: Meals on Folding Bike Wheels

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Brommie Yummie: Meals on Folding Bike Wheels

Racing in the Brompton US World Championship race can stir up quite an appetite. As we dragged ourselves to the pub for some much-needed nourishment after the big day, our friend Steve from B-Fold was capitalizing on our starvation with fliers for the Brommie Yummie, taking place on May 23rd.

Brompton bikes and food? It sounded like heaven. As we paraded into the Amtrak pub on our Brompton folding bikes, stored them in rows in front of the bar, and scarfed down the delicious pub food, I thought to myself, "what a glorious idea!" Eat. Ride. Fold. Repeat.

The Brommie Yummie is taking place on May 23rd at 12 noon. Steve is leading a crew of Brompton riders from 27th street and 8th Avenue (by the Fashion Institute of Technology) around Manhattan to various restaurants, street vendors, and "funky snacks" (you'll have to ask Steve what that means).

UPDATE!: The second Brommie Yummie is scheduled for Sunday, July 18th. The meeting place is the same - 27th and 8th Ave - but we are meeting at NYCeWheels at 10:30 to ride down together, if you're in the neighborhood.

Thinking about buying a Brompton? Would you love to ride one with us for the day? You're in luck! We now have rental Bromptons that you can test drive! For $35, you'll get a special NYCeWheels Brompton bike for the day, and you'll have professional Brompton folders all around you to demonstrate how the bike works. If you decide to buy a folding bike afterward, we'll apply your rental fee to the cost of the bike.

The Brommie Yummie has a small fee, and it's pay-as-you-nosh, so you can eat as much or as little as you like!

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