Accessories for Brompton folding bikes

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Accessories for Brompton folding bikes

Owners of folding bicycles are well aware that some accessories for their bikes are absolute necessities, and others are guilty pleasures: i.e., just plain fun. Whether you seek fun or functional, find the right accessories for your Brompton folding bike at NYCeWheels, which sells everything from folding bicycle seats and posts to tool kits and carry handles. The Brompton Carry Handle by Off Yer Bike offer a way of carrying your bike with a surprisingly easy grip: Carry the bike from a rubberized handle attached to the frame instead of picking it up by the seat. Worried about getting caught with a flat tire? The Brompton Toolkit fits into your frame with all the tools needed for basic repairs and maintenance. You can also find bicycle tires and tubes and bike lights and small accessories at NYCeWheels.

Brompton folding bike cases and covers

Brompton Folding Bike Bags, Cases, and Covers

Brompton bags make life so much easier. Use them to hold groceries, to commute to work, or to even take a bike camping trip. If you plan to fly or travel with your Brompton you may want a little extra protection. There are hard cases and travel covers to protect your bike in transit.

Brompton folding bike seats and seat posts

Brompton Folding Bicycle Seats and Posts

Looking for a Brompton standard seat, a Brooks leather saddle, a steel extended seat post? This is the place. Here you will find everything relating to Brompton seats and seat posts (or seat pillars as the English say). Shave a little weight by swapping in an aluminum seat post or add some class to your ride by swapping in a Brooks saddle. This is a fun section.

Brompton folding bike lights

Brompton Folding Bicycle Lights

Get your Brompton folding bike lights here! Stay safe at night and make sure you have visibility in the dark with some of the coolest lights and lighting kits available for the Brompton folding bicycle.

Brompton folding bike accessories

Brompton Folding Bicycle Miscellaneous Accessories

Your folding pedals, mudguard sets, and everything else for that matter. This section contains all the misc accessories you might need if you're restoring a Brompton or upgrading your folding bike. Explore this section to find all those things you really want but keep telling yourself you can do with out. Truth is, you would be happier with them.

Brompton folding bike lights and accessories

Brompton Folding Bicycle Tires and Tubes

Need new tires for your Brompton folding bike? We've got them all: Schwalbe Marathons, Schwalbe Kojaks, and Brompton Kevlar. Everything you need to keep your Brompton rolling smoothly down the road. Just go a flat or putting together a road repair kit? How about some Brompton bike tubes? They're a special size so you might want to pick up a few to be safe.

Brompton customization

NOV Designs - Super light and beautiful Brompton Mods

These amazing parts and accessories from NOV Designs are custom CNC machined and tailored to fit your Brompton. They are super light weight and styled with a high end look in mind. We love the way NOV makes products that look great and weigh next to nothing!

Mods and upgrades for Bromptons

Brompfication - Mods and upgrades for Bromptons

Make your bike a bit lighter and a bit more personalized! Brompfication makes high end upgrades for Brompton folding bicycles. From hinge clamp upgrades to weight saving Titanium seatposts, these Brompton modifications allow you to add an extra touch of personalization to your bike. Have fun!

Mods and upgrades for Bromptons

Bike Gang - Stylish and Functional Brompton Mods

Make your bike unique and save some weight! Bike gang offers some neat accessories to make your bike roll better, look better, and weight less with their titanium parts! Functionality meets style when it comes to bike gang accessories.