NYC Commute via Brompton Folding Bike

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NYC Commute via Brompton Folding Bike

I love my bike
I commute daily 40 miles to my job as CIO at a Manhattan University. I ride my Brompton folding bike a few miles to the Northport train station on Long Island, fold it up and carry it onto the Long Island Railroad train, arrive in NYC, and then bike a few more miles to work. I fold it and conveniently store it under my desk.
With my Brompton I look forward to my commute everyday. I love the quality of the ride and the ease and speed of folding. It's the only folding bike that can fit either under the seat in the bi-level trains or in the middle section behind the seats. I've never been hassled or questioned by an LIRR employee.

NYCewheels was a great place to buy my Brompton. I was able to get a sense of the cost with all of the options that I wanted using their online Custom Brompton Configurator. When I went to see the bikes, they encouraged me to test drive it and I loved it, so I bought it on the spot.. After driving it for about a month I got an unexpected call from them asking me how I liked the bike and inviting me to bring it in for a free tune-up. NYCEwheels and Brompton - a great combination.
JL, New York City Brompton folding bike commuter

Picture: Copyright - 2006 Douglas Carver

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