What is it with the Upper East Side and Bromptons?! NYCeWheels.com

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What is it with the Upper East Side and Bromptons?!

Brompton's are at a high concentration within a square mile radius of our shop here on Manhattan's Upper East Side. You've got savvy commuters whizzing around on their Brompton folding bikes and super luxury Brompton apartments. We always say, if you can't afford to spend $775,000 for a Brompton studio apartment, at least you can spend $1,230 on a luxury Brompton folding bike! And hey, if you DO have an apartment in the Brompton building, why not complement it with one of these super cool folding bikes? You can even use our Brompton color picker to match it to your apartments color scheme!

Fit your Brompton bike into your Brompton apartment!

Living space is at a premium in New York City, and with space so tight few people have room for a full sized bike. That's why those who can get a Brompton. These compact folding bikes are so well designed that they fold up into the size of large handbag. There are a lot of ways you can tailor the Brompton to fit your lifestyle. A custom Brompton is a fantastic way to get around in personalized style.

Bromptons are the best for getting around Manhattan

It's no secret that driving in Manhattan is for the insane. Cabs are not much better. And subways? Well, that's up to you to decide. One thing is for sure: to have the most fun getting around in style there is nothing like a Brompton. So if you're around the Upper East Side, or anywhere in New York for that matter, come by our shop and try out a Brompton. Or take a look at our Brompton page, it has everything you need to know short of a test drive. That's one thing you have to feel for yourself!