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Electric Brompton Tackles the Upper East Side

Okay, so there is only one place in the world to find an electric Brompton folding bike. Obviously if I was going to try one out it would be in the Upper East Side, Manhattan. This was my first ever experience riding the combination of electric and folding, so needless to say I had some big expectations.

Folding - does the electric Brompton really fold small?

The Brompton folding bike is famous for their incredibly easy folding capabilities. Does adding the custom electric system affect this capability or hinder it in any way? Not at all! The bike folded and unfolded as easily as its namesake promises, albeit with some added weight in the front due to that efficient motor that we will discuss shortly. The Brompton folding bike deserves the accolades it's received for the perfect combination of space-saving innovation and performance, and all of that is perfectly intact with the added custom electric system.

Brompton Electric Motor - what's it like to ride?

I've had many a joyride on electric bikes, but every ride I've been on was an electric pedal assist bike. This electric Brompton folding bike was my first experience with a fully electric bike. If I wanted to start from a dead stop and get going, I didn't even need to touch the pedals! Awesome. I'm not implying that would be the best use of the motor, but hey, sometimes it's nice to be lazy. The motor is rated for a top speed of 20mph, which it can reach in just a few seconds. There are three speed options, low, medium, and high. The low speed setting will help you conserve your battery and still keeps you going at a pretty good clip. I was cruising all over the Upper East Side unphased by the terrain. I kept the bike's gears set to the high 3rd speed the whole time I was out because the electric motor made everything so easy it was basically pointless to choose to pedal faster and still put forth the same amount of effort. This bike seriously hauled and it felt like I was floating on a cloud the whole time!

Looks - Does the electric Brompton turn heads?

Everyone has their own style. I've always been partial to sleek road bikes and monster mountain bikes. Folding bikes always struck me as a great idea, but not really something I'd find myself drooling over like I would a new Cervelo. But once I got on top of my electric Brompton folding bike, it became clear that what really matters is what's going on, rather than what I'm looking at. After riding all over the Upper East Side, I noticed that the thrill I got out of my ride had me looking pretty favorably at the bike, as well. I'd get a little thrill out of flipping the rear wheel under into kickstand mode and observing people's reactions. I'd be thinking, "Yeah, AND it's electric!" By the time I returned the bike I was loving everything about it. I wanted to run out and find all my friends and bring them by to show off what I had just done! "You guys have never ridden a bike with so many cool features," I'd gloat to them. But then, of course, I'd secretly be hoping that they'd all want to get on board and start a super secret ninja stealth bike bomber squad to rule the streets of Manhattan! Okay, maybe not.

Bottom Line - The low down on this folding electric bike.

I loved riding the electric Brompton folding bike. It was fun, convenient, functional, and just the right kind of quirky for a long-time all-things cycling fiend like myself. This is the kind of item I would save up for a long time to make sure I can get my hands on.

And don't think I haven't got a new piggy bank marked "Brompton Electric" stashed somewhere secret where you can't find it.

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