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Brompton Carry Handle by Off Yer Bike (7 Reviews)


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Product information "Brompton Carry Handle by Off Yer Bike"
These sturdy handles attach right to the frame of your Brompton and make it much easier to pick up your bike. They help you lift the bike higher than if you had grabbed it by the seat, the handle is also perfect for small and large hands alike and very easy to grip. If you get the version with D-Rings you can even hook up a shoulder strap!

These carrying handles from Off Yer Bike offer an easy to grip way of carrying your bike! Rather than picking it up from the seat, you carry your bike from a sturdy rubberized handle attached directly to the frame. You can also carry the bike from the handle when unfolded. What could be easier? Plus, the gentle material will not harm your bike when installed.

There are two types of handles offered: one is a simple handle, the other has D-rings which allow you to attach a handy shoulder strap to the bike and lift it using that! You can use your own strap or purchase on from us.

You will love this Brompton handle if:

  • You are shorter or have small hands - The handle helps lift the bike further off the ground than you could if just grabbing from the seat.
  • You carry your Brompton folded often.
  • You will have to navigate a crowded space with your bike folded up.



We didn't realize how handy these Off Yer Bike handles are until we tried them. Then we figured it would be hard to live without them!

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Rating 7
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(7 Reviews)
25 Jun 2018

Great purchase

I'm SO glad I bought this item. It makes carrying my Brompton so much easier. Recommend to everyone.

25 May 2018

Does the job.

At first the handle seems a bit expensive for what it is, and for what it does. That said, being on the more petite side, with smaller hands, the handle made it much easier to carry my bike up and down stairs, and in and out of the car trunk. Its very well made, and the underside looks like leather suede. The rubberized grip feels comfy too. The only thing is that even when installed properly, the bike does feel a little bit off center compared to carrying it by hand, without the handle. You end up having to compensate by moving your hand slightly off center on the rubber grip.

26 Mar 2018

Great buying experience

All the items came in excellent condition.

24 Oct 2017

Good handle

Good handle that helps relieve grip pain. The bike kinda doesnt balance as well in the hand but your wrist will thank you.

28 Oct 2016

Robert S

Just received the product from NYCEWheels. Quick delivery. Very pleased. The carry handle is very well made with strong material. Made my Brompton much easier to carry. Highly recommend all Brompton users.

18 Sep 2016

Brompton carry handle

I am by pleased with the Brompton carry handle. It seems expensive for what appears to be some nylon with Velcro and a rubber handle but you will find that this handle for easier carrying of the Brompton is more than that. This is a very well made product which is lined with what feels like a suede material which is going to be very gentle on your bikes finish. It is stitched very well and is very rugged. This handle does make your Brompton easier to carry either folded or open. For grabbing the middle balance point of the frame for carrying up some stairs, or for longer distance carries which can get difficult, this handle helps. It really is an excellent accessory which will also help protect the bikes finish in that area.

9 Sep 2016


The Brompton Carry Handle by Off Yer Bike make carrying my Brompton up and down stars through airports a breeze!


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