Brompton Eazy Wheels: Who, What, When, Where, and Why?

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Brompton Eazy Wheels: Who, What, When, Where, and Why?

Brompton Eazy Wheels are plastic wheels with rubber tires which attach to the frame and rear rack of a Brompton folding bike. E type bikes with Eazy Wheels will have only two, attached to the frame, whereas R type Bromptons will have 4, two on the bike and two one the rear rack. In addition to making the Brompton folding bike much easier to roll when folded, Brompton Eazy Wheels also make the bike far more stable when parked. This is one of many Brompton accessories worth well over twice its weight in functionality.

Standard Brompton wheels are designed to be effective for light use and inexpensive to replace. They are not sufficient if you will be rolling your Brompton very frequently or rolling the partially folded package by the handlebars. If you expect to be rolling your Brompton folding bike more than carrying it you should definitely consider getting Eazy Wheels.

Brompton Eazy Wheels tackle bumpy and uneven surfaces

Because they are larger in diameter, Brompton Eazy Wheels will roll more smoothly over rough sidewalks, driveways, and train platforms. Hard rubber tires absorb some of the shocks and bumps so that your folded Brompton remains stable when rolled behind you. Gliding along on durable industrial bearings, Brompton Eazy Wheels are an effortless way to transport your Brompton folding bike when folded.

Take your Brompton folding bike shopping thanks to Eazy Wheels

Brompton Eazy Wheels make it so easy to roll a folded Brompton, especially the R Brompton, that many people find themselves using their folding bikes as personal shopping carts. To do this you also need a front carrier block and folding basket. Imagine you park your Brompton and fold back the front wheel. As you do this the folded basket swings around over the main frame tube, open and ready to receive groceries or whatever. Drop the seat almost all the way down to lock the bike together. Now you can wheel the Brompton around by the handlebars on its Eazy Wheels, like a folding bike shopping cart! When you're ready to go just reverse the process. The basket swings right in front of the bike and you can be on your way in seconds. No repacking or stuffing in bags, just a few quick steps to go from shopping cart to folding bike.

Eazy Wheels are an awesome Brompton accessory

Brompton Eazy Wheels make rolling the Brompton folding bike so much easier when folded that people who outfit their bike after years of satisfied service wonder how they could have lived without them. Aside from the front carrier block, this is probably the most useful modification to a Brompton folding bike. To play with all the options and design your very own Brompton use our custom Brompton folding bike tool. It's the easiest way to build your very own Brompton folding bike.