Brompton Folding Bicycle Seats and Posts

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Brompton Folding Bicycle Seats and Posts

If you're looking for folding bike seats for your Brompton folding bike or for a folding bike seat post or a variety of other seating accessories, take a look at what NYCeWheels has to offer. We offer a wide variety of Brompton folding bicycle seats and posts ranging from the plain or basic to the gaudy or luxurious.

We stock standard Brompton seat posts as well as ultralight Brompton seat posts that are 185 grams lighter than the original. The illuminated seat posts we carry offer you a virtually theft-proof seat post adorned with LED lights that will make you visible to others in low light or no light.

NYCeWheels also carries saddles and seats for Brompton folding bikes, ranging from the standard saddle to replace your original Brompton seat to high-end Brooks saddles. These beautiful leather saddles will add a touch of class to your Brompton folding bike while letting you ride in comfort and style.