Brompton folding bike, king of folding bikes

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Brompton folding bike, king of folding bikes

One can't say enough about the Brompton folding bike. Its unique design, superb folding mechanism, top of the line components, and diverse selection of styles and accessories make it an ideal folding bike for urban commuters.

The Brompton folding bike is the most compact bike on the market. It folds quickly and with great ease, into an amazingly small package of 11" x 22" x 23", which means that it can be stored and taken virtually anywhere. One can fit the Brompton folding bike into a carrying bag and bring it into the office, store several Brompton folding bikes in the trunk of a car, take it as carry-on on an airplane, drop it off in the coat check at a museum, take it on and off the New York subway during rush hour and use it in conjunction with their regular commute, or use it as the primary means of commuting and take it inside all of one's destinations and pit stops without having to lock it up outside. For anyone that finds space to be an issue, a Brompton folding bike is the solution.

And, for all of its compactness and portability, Brompton folding bikes don't sacrifice performance. The Brompton folding bicycle is built to the absolute highest standards in London. Overall, it is a design masterpiece. Every part is specifically engineered to make riding and folding the bike a complete joy. The bikes fold in such a way that the chain is tucked safely inside, protecting your ride and your clothing.

One can switch gears even while standing still, an important feature for the stop-and-go style of city riding. When the first step of folding is complete (simply swinging the rear wheel forwards and underneath the bike), the Brompton folding bike can stand upright, with two small wheels on either side of the rear fender serving as a kickstand. The Brompton folding bike is easy to carry using either the seat or the frame as a handle, and with the handlebar unfolded you can even roll it on the aforementioned kickstand just like luggage (albeit significantly lighter.)

What are my options with a Brompton folding bike?

When it comes to Brompton folding bikes, one has many options open to them. One can choose between three handle bar types, a number of gears, frame material (titanium is an option, which makes the already light bike even lighter), styles of saddles and height and material of the seat post, the option of a rear rack, a self-generated lighting system, the color, and one of four different bags that can be attached to the front of the bike. These bags are supported by a metal frame, are water resistant, and range from a folding basket to a full-sized messenger bag. They lock in place when on the bike but are easily removable, and they don't hinder the folding.

If one is so inclined, they can even custom build their own Brompton folding bike, selecting every last detail according to their desires.
The Brompton configurator can be found here: Custom made Brompton folding bike!

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