Brompton folding bike cover, take it in anywhere.

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Brompton folding bike cover, take it in anywhere.

Brompton folding bike cover bag What could be better than a cover for your Brompton folding bike? It's cheaper than a bike lock and 10 times more effective. With a folding bike that folds so compactly having a cover to bring it in wherever you go seems like a perfect match. The cover couldn't be simpler. You simply store the Brompton cover bag in a saddle bag (this comes with the cover) behind your seat. This way you always have the cover ready to conceal your bike wherever you go.

There are a lot of places you can take your Brompton folding bike without a cover, but at the same time there are a lot of times where being denied entry can be a real bummer. From personal experience I can say its much better to have the cover with you and be safe than to risk being denied entry to a critical meeting or rehearsal (or restaurant date!). So if you want to be able to bring your Brompton folding bike with you wherever you go, get the cover bag. It's cheap, small, and worth every penny.

To build a custom Brompton folding bike from scratch, investigating all the options and seeing changes in weight and price reflected in real time, try out our custom built Brompton folding bike tool.