My Brompton folding bike, folding dog basket, and folding keyboard

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My Brompton folding bike, folding dog basket, and folding keyboard

Well, I've just arrived in Central park at the 3 quarter loop, my favorite spot. With me I have my trustee Brompton folding bike. I am trying to add one fresh article about this product, which is hopefully useful to you. I figure once I start typing (on my folding keyboard - not kidding) the story will develop itself.

Currently I have a Crystalite 209 electric system running on an eZee 10ah (amp hour) Lithium battery. Since the Brompton folding bike does not come in an electric bike version yet, this is something I have rigged up recently to make the commute to Central Park in the morning a little easier.

"All that for Central Park?", you say. Yep, I know, there are no steep hills to fight, maybe some headwinds and stop and go. The problem is my 9 year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel by the name of Mr.Bailey is with me 24 hours a day. He is a bit large, weighing in at about 31 pounds, and he thinks walking is for losers. Therefore he rides in my basket, like my own version of ET.

I got up at 6:30am to do some emails. Then I grabbed my Brompton folding bike, the dog, my smart phone and iGo folding keyboard and headed for the door. A fold-up bike has countless applications, in this case it is a pet limo. These first few blocks are usually a little slower, as I have Mr. Bailey walk instead of going straight from the sofa to the basket. Leaving 87th street and 2nd ave, our first stop was on 84th and Lexington to pick up my breakfast, a bagel and coffee. I can't function without my java. Huan, at the Deli on 84th watches Bailey and the Brompton until I return, and then Mr.Bailey is transferred into the folding basket for the ride to our favorite spot in Central Park (currently up at the 3 quarter loop, but that changes depending on season or my mood).

The story unfolds in Central Park...

Once we are at the spot of choice, Mr.Bailey's foam cushion is removed from the folding basket and becomes my seat. Breakfast is served and ideas on stories are supposed to flow... Well, what you see here is about as good as it gets, but it's real. I love the new folding keyboard I got. It has been discontinued 2 years and is more expensive than folding keyboards currently in production, but it is really amazing. It feels better than my full size keyboard at work.

With folding bikes, quality engineering counts most.

The Brompton is not discontinued, and hopefully never will be, but it is in the same category. If you start researching folding bikes you'll quickly realize there are no better folding bikes available than the Brompton. No matter what the cost, when it comes to portability, feel, convenience and reliability, the Brompton folding bike is in the same class as the iGo ultra-compact folding keyboard and Giant Lite. To give you an idea of how highly I rank the iGo: I paid $125 for something that has been discontinued, has no warranty and no tech support. Because it is such a great product, I went for it anyways.

This is the one of the first warmer days the year. I can't wait to be out here in my outdoor office every morning. Mr.Bailey and my Brompton probably feel the same way.

If you live in New York City, grab your Brompton or any other folding bike and join us in the park with your folding baskets, folding keyboards and anything else that folds. Join the folding crowd!