Get A Grip On Brompton Folding Bike Handlebars

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Get A Grip On Brompton Folding Bike Handlebars

Picking the right Brompton folding bike handlebar will ensure a comfortable riding position. This is one of the many small details of choosing a bike (like picking the right Brompton folding bike tire) which can seem confusing at first, but don't worry. Making the right choice is easy when you know what to look for. The Brompton design is such that forward and back adjustment of the handlebars is limited to maybe an inch. Any more than that and the Brompton will not fold up properly. The only thing you have to focus on is handlebar height.

To save weight and simplify the Brompton folding bike design, Bromptons do not have adjustable handlebar stems. Instead, 3 handlebar options are available which cater to different rider styles. To help you pick the perfect handlebar for your Brompton folding bike, I've highlighted the key aspects of each below.

M type: The classic Brompton folding bike handlebar

The M type is the original Brompton folding bike handlebar. Thanks to several slight tweaks in shape and curvature over the years which have optimized performance, functionality, and safety, the M type handlebar has endured the test of time and remains the standard of excellence to which all others are held.

The M type is perfect for riders over 5 feet tall who prefer an upright to neutral stance. By upright I mean your back will be straighter and your shoulders more over your hips. Having an upright stance is good for commuting as it keeps cars and pedestrians in your field of vision. The M type also goes a long way to reducing the fatigue of raising your head by aligning the neck and back in a straighter position. Most Bromptons used as folding commuter bikes have M type handlebars.

S type: A light and fast Brompton handlebar

The S type is sought after by road bikers who buy Brompton folding bikes. If you are used to riding with a more road or racing stance you will appreciate the lower height of the S type Brompton folding bike handlebar. The lower stance reduces wind resistance and makes the whole bike a bit more aerodynamic. In addition to proving a lower stance the S type is the lightest and simplest handlebar. With the S type you get a clean look and a faster ride. Because of the low handlebar height the only Brompton folding bike bag you can mount on the front carrier block is the S-Bag.

P type: Best Brompton folding bike handlebar for touring

You may be thinking you like both of these bars so much, why can't you get the best of each? Well that's exactly what you get with the P type Brompton folding bike handlebar. This bar, ideal for folding travel bikes, offers 2 riding stances: the upper for hill climbing and city navigation, and the lower for fighting headwinds and cruising at speed. The upper grip is an inch higher than the M type and the lower grip is an inch lower than the S type, so you really get a wider range of handlebar height. Bike tourists will tell you: the more options of hand position the better the handlebar for long distance riding. Because of the options it provides the P type is the best Brompton folding bike handlebar to reduce fatigue on wrists and arms.

Pick the Brompton folding bike handlebar right for you

Take a moment to consider how you'll be using your Brompton before selecting a Brompton folding bike handlebar. The right handlebar will facilitate a comfortable and enjoyable ride and go a long way to guaranteeing a great Brompton folding bike experience. Use our custom Brompton folding bike tool to juggle all the options and create your perfect folding bike. Don't hesitate to contact us either, at NYCeWheels we want to make sure you pick exactly the rightBrompton folding bike for you.