Innovations of the Brompton folding bike

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Innovations of the Brompton folding bike

When it comes to folding bike innovation the Brompton is always the bike to look to first. This practical and all purpose folding bike has been around for many years and yet it still retains its position the worlds best folding bike.

NYCeWheels and Brompton Folding Bikes

This couldn't be possible if the Brompton didn't have some seriously innovative engineering going into its folding bike frame design. But that still doesn't really cover it. Another reason Brompton folding bikes have remained relevant is that they are constantly ahead of the curve without building in trendy gimmicks or obsolescence.

Lets go over a few points of the Brompton folding bike which make it such an incredibly useful and enjoyable folding bike.

The Brompton folding bike is very small when it's fully folded. You can tuck it under a desk or in a luggage compartment. Take it on a bus trip or stow it on a train. This folding bike is all about going wherever you go without any hassle. A nod to its London folding commuter bike heritage. So how does it get so small?

Brompton folding bike innovations:

The rear wheel of a Brompton folding bike flips right under and supports the bike in a parked position. This allows you to bring the bike to rest and already have it partly folded. And because that wheel comes under the main frame instead of swinging around to the side the Brompton folding bike can actually fold in thirds instead of in half like most other folders.

The next big innovation is how the front wheel of the Brompton folding bike remains facing forward as you fold it. This allows for a better more compact fold while covering the dirty drive train as you carry the bike. remaining forward as the front wheel does allows the bike to get about 1 inch smaller than it would otherwise.

Another great design point of the Brompton folding bike is how lowering the seat post firmly locks the bike together. It is actually impossible to unfold a Brompton folding bike while the seat post is all the way down, a great advantage if you have to run down a few flights of stairs to catch a train.

This one is just too cool: Once the bike is folded you can roll it right along behind you like a piece of luggage or push it like a shopping cart. The Brompton folding bike has wheels attached to the frame to make it more portable when folded. This is especially useful when you have to move your folded bike through airports, inside buildings, or across subway platforms. And as an added cool innovation, the Brompton front luggage system allows you to use your Brompton folding bike as a mini shopping cart. Just push it through the market filling up your basket. Once you're paid up simply lift up the bike and it unfolds right out and you're ready to go. That one is a particular favorite of mine.

A word on the Brompton folding bike shopping cart:

Incidentally, that same luggage system you can use as a shopping cart also has it's own particularly useful design. Instead of attaching to the handlebars or a rack as most bicycle front baggage does, Brompton bags clip right onto the folding bicycle frame itself. That means you can turn the handlebars without shifting your load off balance. I wonder why more bicycle designers don't incorporate this feature?

There you have it! All the major innovations and useful features that go into a Brompton folding bike frame. Pretty neat right? Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out our other folding bike articles for more information on the Brompton folding bicycle and other folding bikes.