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Ride Safely With Brompton Folding Bike Lights

There is no doubt that having lights on your Brompton folding bike, or any bike for that matter, dramatically increases your visibility to motorists. High visibility is important whether you're riding through a crowded city or a country road. It's no coincidence so much cycling clothing patterned with eye catching designs and fluorescent colors. But being safe doesn't mean being extreme or paranoid. It simply means taking steps to protect yourself on the road. Equipping your Brompton folding bike with a lighting system is an easy and practical way to ensure you have a high degree of visibility to both motorists and other cyclists. Fortunately lighting has always been part of the Brompton design and there are three high quality lighting options to ensure your seen.

Don't worry if you know nothing about bike lights or hub dynamos. There's really nothing to it. Just like our articles on Brompton folding bike tires, Brompton folding bike handlebars, and Brompton folding fenders and rear racks, this article walks you through the important details of each option so you can decide for yourself what suits you best.

Battery powered Brompton folding bike lights

Battery powered Brompton folding bike lights, like all other lighting systems available from Brompton, can be safely folded within the bike itself. This is the lightest and simplest lighting solution which Brompton offers. With a rear light specifically designed to resist the shock of folding under the bike, and an easily detachable front light, battery powered Brompton folding bike lights provide a reliable and inexpensive lighting solution. The only downside is that you have to buy replacement batteries, however infrequently.

Hub dynamos on the Brompton folding bike

Your Brompton folding bike can also be equipped with a high quality and durable front hub dynamo lighting system. These Brompton folding bike lights are powered by electricity generated by rotation of the front wheel. That means no more batteries and no more fiddling alignment of older bottle dynamo systems. The two hub dynamo systems offered on the Brompton folding bike finally put to rest long standing issues with lighting which Brompton has been struggling with for years. You can equip your Brompton with the best in hub dynamo lighting from either Shimano or SON. This is the ultimate lighting system for long distance touring, serious commuting, and anyone who will be riding a lot at night.

The Shimano hub dynamo was specially adapted by Shimano to fit the Brompton folding bike. This quality hub dynamo delivers very effective and reliable performance at a lower price. The Busch & Muller halogen front lamp remains illuminated as long as the front wheel rotates and the rear light will remain illuminated for some time after the bike has stopped. This ensures you good visibility even when coming to rest at traffic lights and stop signs.

SON: The gold standard of Brompton folding bike lights

If you want the best lighting available for your Brompton folding bike equip it with a SON hub dynamo. These hub dynamos are renowned for their efficiency, durability, and reliability, giving years of trouble free use. In addition to a bright Busch & Muller LED front lamp and automatic light-sensing function, the SON hub dynamo has a front and rear stand lights. That means even when you come to a stop the front and rear lights will remain illuminated for some time before starting up again.

There are a few downsides to the hub dynamo systems. First, they add a small amount of weight to the bike. The Shimano adds 446 grams, whereas the SON adds a mere 236 grams. Either way, it's not that much more than a battery light set and far easier relative to the convenience of never dealing with batteries again. Secondly, equipping a titanium Brompton with a hub dynamo will mean the loss of the super light front wheel. That means a slightly greater weight gain for titanium bikes. And lastly, because of the wiring extra care must be taken when removing the front wheel to fix flats or replace the tire. That said, hub dynamos are easy to use and nearly maintenance free. They are the best lighting solution for your Brompton folding bike.

Be seen with Brompton folding bike lights

You don't want to be caught late at night without good lighting for your Brompton folding bike. Be safe and pick out a good set of Brompton folding bike lights. It is the easiest way to ensure you are seen and, aside from practicing good riding habits, the best way to be safe. Use our custom Brompton folding bike tool to figure out exactly what features you want on your Brompton folding bike. It's fast, easy to use, and fun, just like the Brompton.