Brompton folding bikes, M-Type models

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Brompton folding bikes, M-Type models

If you're looking for a Brompton folding bike that is extremely comfortable and provides a civil ride, look no further than the collection of Brompton M-Type folding bikes at NYCeWheels. With its ultracomfortable handlebars, the Brompton M is simply a joy to ride. In fact, this is the most popular Brompton that we sell.

The handlebars on the M-Type Brompton let you sit in a semi-upright position, which fits many riders the best and which many riders find the most comfortable. Besides offering comfort, this high perch also offers you greater visibility of the road and traffic ahead of and around you.

NYCeWheels carries a variety of M-Type Brompton folding bikes. They range from single-speed bikes to six-speed bikes. Some come with fenders and some without. Some even come with rear racks. We offer M-Type Brompton folding bikes designed for longer rides as well as M-Types made with short trips in mind. Whatever you have in mind, NYCeWheels likely has an M-Type Brompton to fit your needs.