Brompton folding bikes, P-Type models

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Brompton folding bikes, P-Type models

P-Type Brompton folding bicycles offer all the advantages of the entire line of Brompton folding bikes with the distinguishing feature of handlebars especially suitable for touring or long-distance riding. The handlebars on P-Type Bromptons allow two positions - one high and one low - so you can adjust your riding position for aggressive biking or for a more relaxed ride. Just like all Bromptons, P-Types are a blast to ride and also fold down into a surprisingly small profile, making them easy to store or carry along in even the smallest spaces.

NYCeWheels offers P-Type models of Brompton folding bikes at competitive prices with fast shipping right to your door. You can order your own customized version of the P-Type that's best for you by using our handy online custom Brompton builder.

We also stock the Brompton P6R folding bike, which has all the advantages of a Brompton - reliability, ease of use and comfort. This model comes with a rack for carrying cargo and fenders to keep you and your bike free of mud and moisture.

The Brompton P-Type handlebar is made for the rider that enjoys touring or riding very long distances. This handlebar offers two gripping positions, one up high and one down low, for a more relaxed or aggressive ride, as you call it. It still folds down to the amazingly small Brompton package, but adds about 1" in height compared to the M-Type handlebar, which brings you to an almost upright riding position. The low riding position is the same height as the S-Type handlebar. The brake levers are only available up top, so keep this in mind.

We don't have many of the P-Type handlebar models, but you can get a bike with this style handlebar by ordering one through our custom Brompton builder.