Transporting Your Brompton Folding Bike

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Transporting Your Brompton Folding Bike

When it comes time to hop off your Brompton and onto a bus, train, or plane, you'll be looking for the best way to keep it in one piece, not to mention keeping your peace of mind. Fortunately you've chosen a folding bike built to take the rough and tumble world of luggage. Brompton has everything you need to keep your folding bike safe, whether your carrying it onto a bus or flying it around the world.

Push your Brompton on Eazy wheels

The simplest way to transport your Brompton folding bike, aside from riding it of course, is to partially fold it so that the handlebars are sticking out and roll it along on Brompton Eazy wheels. Eazy wheels are stronger and roll more easily than the factory standard Brompton wheels. They add a tiny bit of weight, but for the convenience it's well worth it. This is a great technique for locally transporting your Brompton and makes taking your folding bike inside even easier.

Carry your Brompton with a cover

If you're going to be carrying your Brompton a lot, up and down stairs, into an office, or on a crowded train, having a cover is essential. Not only will it keep dirt and grime off you and the people you pass, a cover will protect your folding bike from minor bumps and scratches. The cover is also a great idea if you plan on sneaking your Brompton past any less than bike friendly security guards or building managers.

Roll your Brompton in a B Bag

The Brompton B Bag was designed to give your folding bike added protection in transit. It has 5 mm of padding to keep the paint job shiny and new. A reinforced base with wheels makes rolling the encased Brompton a cinch. To top it all off there are pockets for storage, two large duffel-bag style handles, and a shoulder strap. The Brompton B Bag packs flat for storage and can be secured to the rear rack when riding.

Check your Brompton in a Travel Suitcase

We've heard stories of people tagging their names and addresses onto the spokes of their folded Brompton and checking it on flights around the world. They seem to be having some degree of luck, but we recommend taking a bit more precaution. The Brompton Travel Case is a hard shelled rolling suitcase into which the Brompton can be securely strapped. It offers excellent in flight protection and makes flying with your Brompton a worry-free experience. Note: this is not an official Brompton case. Brompton is coming out with a similar case some time later this year.

With so many ways to travel with your Brompton, you have no excuse but to get out there and see the world. Take a bus, take a train, take a plane, but whatever your do take it easy on your Brompton by protecting it en route. Outfit yourself with all the Brompton folding bike bags you need to get from A to B and back.