The Brompton folding bike | most compact folding bicycle

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The Brompton folding bike | most compact folding bicycle

Nothing else folds quite as compactly as a Brompton folding bike. It can be taken anywhere: on the subway, into the office, out to a restaurant, or even tucked into a coat check. This portability is the key, allowing you to fit a bike ride into your busy day to day life. If you want be able to take a bicycle anywhere you want, no matter the destination, then you need a Brompton foldable bike.

The Brompton folding bicycle folds in on itself concealing the chain, protecting your clothing from grime, and allowing you to tow it behind you rather than carrying it. When a Brompton is fully folded it locks together, and is easily carried using the nose of its seat as a handle or rolled behind you like airline luggage.

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