Brompton: The Best Folding Commuter Bike

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Brompton: The Best Folding Commuter Bike

For the every day cyclist, especially one commuting on a folding bike, sturdiness, reliability, and customization are crucial. If a bike can do all that and fold to a package the size of a small suitcase, well then that's just the icing on the cake. With a Brompton folding commuter bike you get a bike that was designed and built with the specific intention of satisfying the needs of England's rail and bus commuters. Andrew Ritchey, the Brompton's designer, has spent years refining the design to squeeze every ounce of performance out of a bike that is known for its tough construction. The resulting folding commuter bike is one which has remained the dominant player in the world of folding bikes ever since its conception in the late 80s. So what makes the Brompton the best folding commuter bike?

A folding bike built tough

Unlike the majority of folding bikes, the Brompton is not built in China or Taiwan. The manufacture of these top quality folding commuter bikes has always remained firmly rooted in England under their creator's meticulous and watchful eye. As a result of the strict standards to which the bike is held, Bromptons have always been known for their high quality workmanship and reliability.

All the features of a folding commuter bike

Some folding bikes can be adapted to suit the needs of a commuter, but they will never have the feeling of purpose built folding commuter bike. Every feature which makes the Brompton the perfect folding commuter bike is seamlessly integrated into the design. Let's take the Brompton M3R as an example and look at some of the features that make the Brompton a great folding commuter bike.

    Important features of the Brompton folding commuter bike:
  • High quality luggage rack and front bag mount - Brompton's sturdy luggage rack can easily handle loads up to 22lbs and a variety of Brompton accessory bags can be rigidly mounted to the frame.
  • Fenders with mud guards - what folding bike would be complete without a set of fenders to keep dirt, rain, and mud off of your clothes?
  • Battery and dynamo light options - Choose from either a lightweight battery light set or a highly efficient hub-dynamo generator lighting system. Either way you're sure to be seen on the road.
  • Ultra-compact folded package - the Brompton's biggest claim to fame is that it can fit so much functionality into such a small package. Folding up to a mere 23 x 22.2 x 10.6 inches you can take a Brompton folding commuter bike just about anywhere you can take a medium sized backpack or suitcase. I found out just how practical it is to have such a compact folding bike on my first commute on a Brompton folding bike.

This folding bike has lots of accessories

When it comes time to pack your stuff and get out the door no folding commuter bike has as many options as the Brompton. Choose from one of many bags which mount directly to the frame above the front wheel. Brompton's unique front carrier block mounting system keeps all the weight centered over the bike, even when turning. There are touring panniers, leather briefcases and everything from light carrying covers to hard shelled flight cases in between. With a Brompton you'll have the ultimate folding commuter bike.

Brompton designed as a folding commuter bike

Nothing was spared to make the Brompton an ideal folding commuter bike. Every feature is carefully aimed at making the bike either lighter, stronger, more useful, or more enjoyable to ride. A bike without compromise, the Brompton is by far the folding bike best suited to commuting.